fakin adhd

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Gnomeo, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. im fakin out this new psychiatrist and pretendin to have adhd to get free adderal. and im playin that sucka like a pinball wizzard dig. anyone else ever done this lol?
  2. sounds like your not paying for the psychiatrist. . by the lack of seriousness in your post

    so i suggest cop your speed elsewhere and stop wasting mommy and daddy's money

    shrinks aint cheap
    ya dig?
  3. lol its like 30 dollars with insurance so... yeah
  4. i shoulda known better to reply when i saw the pokemon avatar. .

  5. big deal, he might be getting some adderal. get your head out of your ass.
  6. no i get my meds cause i really have a.d.d.

  7. Hope you get caught. To arrogant.
  8. Adderal is not enjoyable at all. I would know I'm prescribed it.
  9. Just because your parents pay for it don't mean it's free. Once you're a big boy and start paying for your own shit, you're gonna wish you hadn't faked a medical problem and gotten addicted to the meds...
  10. he said he has health insurance, stfu with your bitchin already.. plenty of people play doctors, how do you think you get most of your pills on the street, people arent sellin em cuz they need them i'll tell you that much
  11. Yeah, I went to the pysch and got pescribed a bunch of recreational shit. This was a couple years ago and I felt guilty half-way lying my ass off.
  12. example of a functioning stoner who gives all of us weed smokers better names
  13. thats a douchebag move, man.
    and to the guys defending him, hes still wasting/using/stealing his parents money to get high/sell aderall which is just fucking retarded.

    and yeah im sure the majority of perscription pills out on the streets come from people who pay their own fucking medical bills.
  14. besides people who buy weight, everyone I know who buys pills gets their shit from someone with a script... old ladies pushin their PKs for some extra cash.
  15. I really have ADD, and i get adderall when i have school. School starts monday, time to refill. When I was in highschool I made a pretty penny off the adderall. Now, nah its too usefull i'll use it myself.
  16. If his parents are makin him waste time at a psych then shit I say waste that money

    If you asked to go then thats messed up but if their makin you go then twist it around in your control

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