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    Just venting.  I have the fakest friends of all time.  They're always texting me and when I want to chill they pretty much just ignore me.  Here's a text conversation with one of my friends yesterday:
    "Friend" #1 Text Convo:
    Him (texts first): Yo, you working today?
    Me: Nope u?
    Him: Nah, you busy tonight?
    Me: Nah let's chill
    The conversation ended there because he never texted back.  This conversation was in the afternoon too, and all his responses were literally a minute after my texts.
    Now a text conversation with a different friend.  This is from yesterday:
    "Friend #2" Text Convo:
    Me: Want to chill tomorrow
    Him (responds 1 minute later): Yeah probably in the afternoon 
    Then I text him today at 12:16 PM
    Me: Yo what are you up to
    No response, it's been 2 hours and no text back.  Are you kidding me?  To make matters worse, he's on facebook right now.  I know they're both just ignoring me because they're both on their iphones literally all day.  Friend #1 was my best friend from high school, we chilled all the time in high school.  Now it's the summer after my freshman year of college, we're both home and we've chilled twice in 1 month.  
    Friend #2 is a friend from college.  We never chilled in high school because we didn't go to the same high school but we live literally 5 minutes from each other.  In college this year we chilled all the time, blazing and drinking.  I have bud and beer currently and he's just ignoring me?  Wow.  It wouldn't be so bad if they were blowing me off to actually do something, but I know he's at home doing nothing.  And ignoring me is just ridiculous, especially since I'm the one who always bought the alcohol and weed at school (we split the pay but I actually got it).  
    So I don't know what to do now, since my 2 best friends apparently just ignore me whenever I want to hang out.  I have bud and beer but no one to share it with...This sucks, because all my other friends are just like acquiatences and I don't have a girlfriend or anything to do really besides my summer job.    

  2. Make friends with said acquaintances, ditch old friends, enjoy bowls and beers with better friends. Problem solved.
  3. Find other things to enjoy besides smoking and drinking with those two. Find hobbies, new friends, go on walks, learn to love being alone. 
  4. D: sorry! This weekend I learned that I really have no damn friends. Changed my number and deleted my Facebook, fuck them all!
  5. Sorry to hear that bro I have to deal with that shit too sometimes but a lot of people have a worse problem...friends only hanging out with them because they have bud and beer.
    I feel like a handful of my friends wouldn't really chill with me if I didn't always have bud.
  6. My friend group has been fucked in the ass as well. We used to be a large friend group of like 8-12 people. It varied.

    Then like 3 of those friends became sportsy and hating on weed, always bitched about how boring we were. When they never wanted to do shit. Fuck them

    Another one became obsessed with his girlfriend who was a total whore and couldn't even feel love. Worse relationship I had ever seen and now he is trying to come back to us but nobody likes him since he was such a prick.

    A few others like nothing but rolling around with "cool" kids and taking unmentionables, not my thing.

    Still my buddies, but we sure have grown apart. I'm just glad to have my girlfriend. 
  7. Yeah learn to love being alone is good advice.. I have 2 friends and I see one every other week or so and the other I don't see at all really.. I just sit home a lone usually and read and internets unless i'm discing or hiking.
  8. All my friends ditched me when I was down and struggling with some shit in life and don't answer my calls/texts anymore for no reason.  Tell me about it.
  9. Yup, same wit mine. And Ive always been there for all of them, helpin em out when they need it. But no one to watch my back, but me... Fuck em..
  10. had 1 "friends" i tried to buy some shit from today....total bunk, completely fake shit..."shit youre the only one sayin that, this is the best around".  bull fucking shit. wasted $15.
  11. Fuckin have no friends now.  Nobody wants to hang out with me or even talk to me.  I am very thankful for my girlfriend though cause she's all i have left.
  12. More bud a beer for you! Sounds like a great situation.
    Fuck 'em all and live your life knowing that you da man!
  13. That is why i have vowed to only have stoner friends now. My sober friends had to much of an agenda.

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  14. Grow up and realize the world does not revolve around YOU!
    silly triflin kid
  15. That is real girl, props
  16. Lolol what cracks me up is you couldn't bother to just call them instead of pout. Have to remember that everyone is different. Im not a huge texter either. Sometimes it takes me 7+ hours to respond to a text. Even if I really adore the person. I just hate texting, things get misinterpreted all the time and its lazy. If you want to get ahold of me right then and there, you gotta call. Perhaps your friends feel the same way.
  17. I've been going through the same shit op hang in there, remember Karma is a bitch

  18. They all showed me their true colors, if that's how they're going to play, I'll play too. I don't have time for petty bs. :p
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    Get new friends, when your sitting there all in your head like "I know your ignoring me because you have an iphone and are on facebook" it just sounds kinda dumb, fuck go outside, go for a walk, make some new friends, stop relying on other people to make you happy, you think this shit stops any time soon dude?
    As life goes on this problem is only magnified because people are living their lives, nothing fake about being busy unless they don't wanna hang out with you because your needy, i love how people like to project their shit onto other people like obviously if theyre not texting you back they either can't or don't want too, why is that such a big deal? "You wouldn't hang out with me so i'm not your friend anymore" give me a fuckin break dude this is way life is, if you wanna hang out with people all the time or just hang out with them ON COMMAND you need a bigger social circle, putting the blame on 2 people because they can't always be there for you is childish and silly.
    "Oh, well they're supposed to be his friends!!" Well how about you show the sentiment back and respect their space. 
  20. OP forget your friends, come make troll posts with me on GC. I'll introduce you to a whole new world.

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