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Faker baker!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Such_A_Brat, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Ok a few months ago Carmen Lynn and me all were sitin around smokin a few bowls when this chick named Larissa came over and she was like omg i cant beleive you guys are smokin pot...we were like yeah so what we always smoke but anywayz she fukin wanted to try it so we let her and ever since she doesnt inhale and we think shes wasting our good god damn pot so every time its her turn we reverse the circle and pass it to somone this mean???
  2. Fuck yes it's mean!

    She might not realize that she's not inhaling correctly. Moreover, what does that say to her about people who smoke pot?

    If she's not inhaling right, tell her, then correct her.
  3. Bet this kid is bout 12
  4. say you wont smoke with her unless she makes good use of it
  5. How about you ask too lose your virginity too her by asking her to fuck you then you will share some spliff with her. Works out for all ;)
  6. Why use the person's full name? do any of us know her.
  7. it somewhat mean but the on the other hand she did waste pot just tell her if she wants to smoke with you guys dont waste weed
  8. ive always heard people talking about not inhaling...i never got can you not inhale? (seriously...ive tried to not inhale it into my lungs, doesnt work) its possible i guess...but i dont understand it (im not tryin to diss on people who cant inhale, or something like that...i dunno...but it just never really worked with me, i cant not inhale)_so yah...not sure how that would work...god...sorry im so fucked up
  9. They bring it in just into their mouth, then they wonder why they don't get high. First hit ever I did it wrong, been doing it very right the rest of them.
  10. holy fuck man whenever i have a friend who doesnt know how to smoke pot right i teach him , i dont bitch at him everyone had to learn from somone so none of us are better then anyone else here
  11. Now listen here lil timmy dont do drugs...
  12. i hate ppl that dont inhale it and then claim there high. u can tell if sum1 is high, weather ur high or not. u definitly know and its alright for sum1 to say " yah, shit this stuff is sum gr8 shit im baked " but the fakers say it every damn minute, very annoying i might say. Inhale the damn smoke, if u cant inhale withouth coughin every hit, get da fuck outta' here.
  13. Teach em the right way...we were all n00bs at smokin once..:)

  14. hahaha,.... whats that called..... THC daddy?

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