Fake vs. Real RooR: Visual Differences?

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  1. I'm looking at picking up another Roor now that mine is broken. Now it seems like there a lot more fakes floating around, so does anyone have any tips/ easy ways to visually tell a fake from the authentic Roors?
  2. In a fake you'll often find:

    -Crooked joints
    -Thin glass
    -No signature or non-RooЯ signature
    -Upside down label or label w/o letters overlapping
    -Fucked up lip
    -Thin base

    There's more I'm sure.. anyone care to add?
  3. Bubbles in the glass near the joint.
  4. Fake Roor beaker bottoms are almost always seem to be taller than they are wide; from my local headshop, which had a couple of wayyy overpriced fakes, i saw the little sister was really skinny and thin, compared to a real little sister which is short, thick, and sturdy.
  5. Just give it a good look over. Check the "signature" and the joint/downstem/bowl. the glass should be semi frosted and all should have roor logos... Hope that helps!
  6. Actually it should be clear, not frosted unless it's Roor custom. I forgot to add that most typical fakes have a sig that is on the right side of the tube or beneath the joint; real ones are generally on the left side (when the tube is facing away from you).
  7. Thanks guys, this is helping a lot. and sinsemilla what do you mean by fucked up lip? like too thin and large? oh and if anyone's got a side-by-side comparison of the two that would really help a lot as well.
  8. I mean it should look just like the authentic ones you see here or on EDIT. I've seen fakes with the Zumo style lip on a regular RooR... or just plain wobbly lips. And by wobbly I mean if you stood it on end it wouldn't lay flat... it would wobble.
  9. One note to also take into consideration is that most fakes have orange roor labels. Of course not all, but many do.
  10. Most fake ones I have seen have 4 dots on the right side and not the squiqly lines. Also check the price. If it seems to good to be true it probably is fake.

    *edit* Junkie days is right there are 5 dots. the link above is a perfect example of a fake.
  11. great, thanks a lot everyone. Hopefully i'll be getting it soon, i'll post pics when i pick it up.

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