fake two faced people

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, May 9, 2006.

  1. High school is full of these types of people.This is why i cannot wait to graduate... jesus christ... i know once i graduate it will feel like a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders and i will no long have to try to fit in with any crowd or group.

    i cant wait to say peace to all the fake mother fuckers in my high school

    06 baby:D
  2. hell fuckin ya,
    congrats man
  3. I bet you'll look back and miss it some.
  4. oh no doubt, but as i get older i realize who my real friends are and which ones are just out to use me.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean. Stick with the real friends throughout your life.

    I hate when people just come to use me for my stuff.
  6. the thing is is that fake two facers will always be in your life, only out of high school they're harder to distinguish. then none of them really fit into a particular category or group but they're still just as potentially dangerous.
  7. thanks for the advice
  8. I dropped out, but I still keep in touch with loads of people from my high school. You just need to find the right people, and not hang out in large groups (I always hate being with more than three or four people while smoking).
  9. agreed. you will still run into these people at college unfortunately. there are still the little groups of people and all the kinda stuff, it will(maybe) just be different people this time around
  10. Amen bro.

    See the fun part about getting close to graduation is being able to pick out the people who you know are going to be considerable friends and the ones who clearly aren't.
  11. haha no doubt... im glad i know enough real people that i can step back and laugh at all the stupid fuckers who have to deal with those problems lol

  12. Good luck with that :D

    Just remember that all those two faced people don't drop off the face of the earth after HS, and generally at the core, people don't change much. So just keep your guard up, eh? :smoke:

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