Fake Terror - The Road to Dictatorship

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  1. it's my feeling that by 2020 there will be a civil war in the united states.
  2. yeah except those fighting will be labled terrorists and insurgents.
  3. yeah the states will turn into dictatership sooner or later
  4. Only if we let them. I for one am full prepared for any sort of revolution should one ever take place.
  5. i got my guns
  6. Another one????
  7. yeah, except this one won't be by 2 governments. this is going to be more of a revolution. there is a widening rift between the haves and have nots and it's only a matter of time before the shit hits the fan.
  8. Not nessecarily.

    The media has become a vast mechanism of control, planting a very specific set of beleifs. Media is state-controlled.

    I hate to be cynical, but I doubt the majority will ever wake up from their dream world.

    The government will strip us of our weapons, our democratic power, our voice. We will be rendered into the ultimate proletarians. Absolutley powerless government slaves. Our cage is already constructed and it's slowly closing in on us.

    We can see this now. The American president DOES NOT represent the beleifs of his people. HE SHOULD NOT BE IN POWER. by allowing this man to control your country, you have abandon all right of freedom. You have abandon the republic that was founded on freedom.
  9. as one man i can only do so much. i voted for jello biafra in 2004. i've been contacted by the fbi for my words against the administration and 9/11. i am just exhausted from fighting by myself. i've tried to band a group together. you're right people just don't give a shit.

  10. i'm ready for a revolution to.

    i don't want to get a job. i want to fight in the revolution!
  11. I know how you feel, ledfut.
  12. there is a disconnection in america.

    i honestly don't understand why nothing is being done.

    we are being played like a game.

    did anyone see Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on the news.

    we bombed a building just north of baghdad and he was killed. throughout our entire time in iraq i have yet to see one coffin or corpse of a US soldier.

    now when we kill someone, we see things like this.

    i think it is horrible how we parade the casualties of war from the other side and hide the coffins and corpses of american soldiers. i was watching different news programs and they were giving press conferences and explaining his last surviving hours and explaining each mark on his body very thoroughly.

    i was disgusted. i do not want our governments trophy kill from this week in iraq to be on every news channel i turn on.

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  13. i have connects to ak-47s and other automatic weapons. i'm ready to rock at any time.
  14. ^^^

    i do not.

    i guess some are going to be more prepared than others.
  15. Well I lean somewhat towards the idea of civil war in the future as well, but around here its more likely that it would be mexicans fighting the rest of us.

    I don't own a weapon, but I know how to use them. Should the time come where the people actually have to assist the military, a few buddies of mine would gather up all their guns, and we'd have an impressive arsenal. Hunting rifles, shotguns, and many pistols between us and 'them'.
  16. The founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew the state of our country. Those men were real revolutionaries. They knew that government was a bad idea and they were highly skeptical of it. Thomas Jefferson said that there should be a revolution every 20 years to keep the government from getting to powerfu and corrupt; We haven't had one in 230 years. You do the math.
  17. I can survive and navigate temperate forests indefinatley.

    I am also very technical, I have many technical skills.

    We each posses our own traits and when the time comes, we must unite and rely on eachother. Our power comes from eachother.
  18. Think of any violation of rights, any atrocity to freedom and the government has done it. And everyone sits there apathetic and indifferent. There won't be a revolution, becuase not enough people care to create an army. There will be assassinations and so called "terroristic acts" because a few brave people attempt to start a revolution. Frankly, I'm surprised Bush wasn't assassinated already, but I guess no one wants Cheny as president.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -- Edmund Burke
  19. about a year ago i read an article in hustler about this supposed time travler (may have been sooner). the advice he gave 2 points of advice to people:

    1) get a gun now before your right to own one is taken away
    2) get as many people that you can trust in a 30 mile radius.

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