Fake Space Case Online Store!!!

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    I believe I have stumbled upon a knock off website and product distributor for the Space Cases...

    I ordered what is supposedly a Space Case from this website the other day...


    The official Space Case site is the following, which i found out later when I received the "Space Case" from the other site...



    This just seems really sketchy, here below are screen caps of both Mobile websites...



    Please some one with info help me out. I would hate to find out I spent money on a cheap imitation!

    Here are some photos of the "Space Case" i did receive...




    I think I read on a review that the clear plastic ring should be built into the case if its real, if its fake it is removable. Which this one happens to be :/

    Edit* here is an email with the owner i believe, or else I doubt they would be emailing me at 9pm haha



    Idk if this seems even more sketchy considering he is referring to the other site...

  2. Sorry to say this but I think it's fake. The website looks shitty and you pretty much answered your own question with the plastic ring
  3. I really hope not haha but what really confuses me is even in the email, he has no problem with me returning it and this guy is emailing me at 9pm... I doubt any online store would still be doing customer support atm unless he's the owner.
  4. A few years back, I used to see many people complain about them here.
  5. lol i understand you want the real deal.. we all do! but its a grinder if it works great, if not return it. do you really need an authentic grinder to grind your bud up? it works or it doesnt! also who is gonna knockoff a grinder i just dont understand!
  6. Haha yeah i know and it works but with grinders you have people complaining about teeth chipping, metal shavings etc.

    And why does it have to be authentic? Well the price, if you paid $70 for a polo hoody, wouldnt you be mad if later found out its a cheap 15 dollar hoody?

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