Fake Snow Reported in the US

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Marx, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. There are videos being posted online lately that show people taking samples of snow from outside their homes and attempting to melt some using normal household lights to no avail. 
    In some videos the "snow" even turns black at the point the lighter was held. 
    A simple YouTube search along with narrowing to what was uploaded in the past week will show you just how many people are testing this out for themselves.
    So what do you all think about this fake snow?

  2. well, i know better than to look that up, but if cloud seeding was a result of the snow, it could be simply due to the amount of silver dioxide.
  3. where does this thread go next? Obama or Illuminati?
    hahah I just want to know if there is any normal explanation to this or is it just a mystery
  5. plus there's also the fact that snow naturally contains debris of various kinds.  
  6. Okay sure but for the snow to become impervious to fire? Idk man hahah
    Im going to bed though Ill see what everyone has to say tomorrow.
    Dont flame me too hard!
  7. how could you even tell with that shitty encoded youtube video? hahaha
  8. prolly turned black from the butane? like if you run your hand over a bic you'll have black shit on it, maybe its that stuff. or maybe their on to something, i dunno.

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  9. The snow did melt. You could see the furrow in the snow chunk getting larger.
    Notice his ice cube turned black as well. The black is soot from the lighter fumes.
    I'm  not saying there isn't some funky shit floating in our skies that makes it into snow. I wouldn't drink water made from melted snow personally. But it's not fake snow in my opinion.
  10. Man, anything and everything these days is a conspiracy. Soon its going to be "someone found the switch for the sun"
  12. simple explanation to those falling for this shit...you were trolled.
  13. The epistemology of the internet is fucking atrocious.
  14. Volcanic ash.
  15. Acid snow

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  16. What else would you expect?
    Ever since my first day on a Telnet BBS, it has been the compelling exchange of ideas, sadly.
    I was half-right.
  18. Hahah alright so no one has any idea pretty much
  19. [quote name="Marx" post="19437485" timestamp="1391122112"]Hahah alright so no one has any idea pretty much[/quote]Internet trickery, contaminants from butane, contaminants in snow from sky, and contaminants in snow from the road and trucks and salt.

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