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"fake sick" and get a card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by samsmokindro, May 15, 2010.

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  1. i saw something on yahoo talking about people fakeing sick and getting cards, is this possible??
  2. Yes it is, a lot of people fake to get one. Or talk to the right doctor
  3. i wanna try this, lol
  4. It's possible, but not recommended. You can easily go to a dispensary doc here and get a card if you say "I hurt" or whatever, but what happens if you have to go to court, or your doc gets investigated?
    Remember, these are LEGAL DOCUMENTS you are sending in to the state. Lying on them and getting caught is the same thing as lying in court and getting caught. Sure, you might not get caught, but what happens when you do?
    Really, having legitimate medical records is watching your own back.
  5. Sure you can cheat the system. Just like insurance fraud.
  6. People doing this is what is preventing MMJ from being legalized in all states.


    This is just the same as faking injuries to get painkillers. Honestly don't cheat the system, it just corrupts it. This has happened way too much in California already and it needs to stop.

    don't get me wrong i would love to go into a dispensary and choose out my incredibly dank weed but its not right.

    To get a card you need a REAL existing medical condition where marijuana will help you.

    oh and if your thinking of going in and saying you have insomnia or something and want a mmj card no that won't work, doctors are not idiots and most (some will but) doctors will not just hand out perscriptions to anyone who asks
  7. +REP

    the only reason i went to a shady doctor is simply because of price. and i call him a shady doctor because he basically just signs your papers and takes the money.

    i actually have plenty of records that i can show if i ever have to go to court. which is why in my mind i felt justified in going to said doctor. :wave:

    edit: now that there is SO much comeptition here in colorado, i think im going to renew my card with a more legitimate doctor.
  8. Yes, just as in anything you can cheat the system. Whether it's prescription drugs, or medicinal cannabis, insurance fraud...Etc. etc. etc.

    We don't encourage it here at the city though. Stealing is stealing.
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