Fake RooR?

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  1. Hey people, saw this piece a couple days ago... Pretty sure its fake but i just want a second opion. Toke on :bongin:

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  2. i would say it is a fake, you cant get a roor like that for $110
  3. Fake as hell. Sorry bro
  4. No worries man, didn't buy it.. was gonna if it was legit tho :bongin:
  5. If you like it tell the seller you can tell it's a fake and you won't spend anymore then 75$ maybe he will buy it and sell it to u
  6. Could definitely be real despite the conclusions these two have jumped to. I could pick up a ROOR like that at my local headshop for that price or right around there. My local headshop is a ROOR authorized distributor.

    You're better off asking about ROOR authenticity in the ROOR Real or fake stickied thread. The people that will respond there have been trying to help out with this issue for a long time and have seen just about everything ROOR has ever made.
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    its fake roor logos stop right before the bend in the neck on the bent necks plus the bend on the bent necks are more of a bend i guess. if you could bring us pics of the joint and pinches we could be of better help
  8. They used too. Bent necks are made just as often as straights now it seems in the new production shop. I can't guarantee there still is that standard of label placement. There needs to be more pictures before I feel it can be concluded either way whether it is fake or real. One thing is certain... all judgments so far in this thread have been premature. It's just a picture of the neck....

  9. just like i stated above that we could be more sure if we had better pics of the joint and the pinches. im not to sure about the US logo placement on their bent necks but dont the bent necks have like a more extreme bend?
  10. that would hit nice for a 105 dollar piece.

  11. LOL NO. You CANNOT buy a bent neck with a crown for right around 100 dollars.

    This one is CLEARLY fake.

    If you want to argue that I'm wrong, PROVE IT. You are WAY OFF here.
  12. yep crowns add at least 100$ if not 2-300 extra from what ive seen, if i had to bet a million i would say fake.
  13. Obviously you dont know your headshop owner very much. When you live ina a place for a long time you make connections little one. I could get a piece like that for probbly 120 easy.
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    OP could get it for 109.99 easly.. Haha
  15. The oens im talking about are real. My headshop is a certified RooR distributor.

    Its not hard to find a reliable shop. And plus i can barter with my local shop.

  16. dude roor little sistas are like 120 from real roor dealers around here.

    and they are like 4 inches tall for christ sake.
  17. You're either an idiot or a liar.

    Posts like yours are the reason people buy so many fakes. They think they can buy a roor with a crown for 100 dollars. The cheapest crown top and bent neck roor costs more than that WHOLESALE. Shop by you is either sellin' fakes, or you're lying.
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    These people show us why you should always do research before you SHOUT that you're right and everyone else is wrong. They don't know or have chosen to ignore the fact that there are genuine licensed ROOR brand tubes out there that have been produced in several different shops with varied standards miles to thousands of miles apart from each other. They also fail to acknowledge that both authorized and non-authorized shops sells ROORs at drastically different prices. On top of that they fail to realize that what was once a rarely produced bent tube design is now being used on 3.2 mm production tubes en masse.... the same is true for the crown lip.

    I said it once already and I'll say it again. I can buy a tube that looks like the tube in the picture at my LHS for around $110. Every tube in the shop that has a ROOR logo is a legit, genuine US ROOR.

    And yes I know my tone is extremely condescending... and I think that's fair in this case.
  19. You cannot buy a bent crown top roor for 110 dollars. Stop telling people that. This is the reason fakes are so easy to sell.

    If your local shop has them that cheap (cheaper than wholesale) give me the name. Id love to send them some business.
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    You don't know what wholesale is. If you did... you'd realize you were wrong. If any authorized shops were selling 3.2 mm 14" bent neck crown lip ROORs for more than 200, there would be cause for concern.

    That being said, $110 is a bit low for sticker but I could go get one for very near that right now. It would not cost me more than 140 out the door at the absolute most expensive... but most likely it would be stickered at 150-180 and I would get it for a 10%-20% discount. If that's possible at my lhs, they get their ROORs directly from the source, any authorized shop could sell them that cheap. If you're so convinced I dare you to give me the money. I'll send you one. ;)

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