Fake RooR?

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  1. Hey Blades,

    So this guy I know bought a RooR from a store that i know to sell fake RooRs. The store is Sam's Smokes in Seattle so just a heads up do not buy one there, chances are its a fake. Anyways i told this guy that i think his RooR was fake without even seeing it just because i know he bought it there. I finally got him to send me some pictures and it actually looks a little more legit than the ones i have seen in there before, but it still seems a little off to me. Let me know what you guys think, and please don't post if you don't know what the hell your talking about.

    Here are some pics.


    Okay, so the only things that i find kinda of funny are the sigature and the joint angle. The signature just looks really sloppy to me and i feel like it just doesn't look legit. Also, the joint angle seems a little off to me, but i don't own a beaker so i wouldn't know that one as well. I also think the beaker's shape is a little off but not too sure about that one. Just lemme know what some of the educated Blades think...
  2. It does look kinda off to me too, the joint is real small and the angle is off for sure. The mouthpiece looks a little too thick for the size of the tube, so that may be a inconsistency in thickness. I can't really see the diffy, but it kinda looks like a Roor.us hole diffy. The beaker looks to be the wrong size too, so i'm going to go with fake, but may be wrong...otherwise, the counterfitters are getting really good!:rolleyes:
  3. thanks for the input kev,

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  4. Ya I would say real if the angle looked better. I'm no expert though!
  5. The joint angle is definitely off. And the beaker bottom looks a lot thinner than the rest. The signature is sloppy and the third pic shows just how awful the joint angle is. I'm not an expert but it looks pretty fake to me.
  6. Take a pic of the ice catchers up close. If there are more or less than 3 then its fake.
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    I shouldn't say I'm sure its fake but I'm pretty confident. I've seen those close attempts at a ROOR sig before. It's sloppy amatuer work... but it's styled really close I guess. The joint is fucked too and its not one I've seen on a ROOR before. Could be a repair though you never know. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying it.
  8. i think the two dots mean fake but im not sure
  9. That is a fake, the joings do not look like that, there's 2 stess points from the novice blower. label looks a little misplaced and the glass looks creally suspect at the bottom of the beaker.

  10. The guy that i know already bought it. I met him after the fact. the whole reaosn we met is cause i heard he buoght a roor at this shop and i confronted him asking for pics of it cause i thought it was fake. So its not a repair unless the store is selling a repaired one. he payed $200 for it
  11. not exactly sure if its fake but was in a shop today with all fake ROORs and the glass thickness and make do look the same..especially the design. German ROORs are a lot thicker and u can see the quality difference. regardless, as long as u paid the right price and like the piece it doesnt matter. enjoy

  12. lol l2read
  13. i've never seen a roor with that joint angle, that was the only thing that really stood out to me, everything looks to be relatively close, but it could possibly be a knockoff
  14. It's fake from the sam Chinese manufacturer as...



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