Fake Plane Ufos? What Do You Think Of This?

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  1. to my knowledge it is a fairly new phenomena which has been reported in recent years
    almost all reports/cases happen at night, where people spot a 'strange' airplane in the sky but come to find that it is actually more bizarre than initially thought.
    these crafts are completely silent and fly in extremely odd patterns
    they flash odd lights in strange sequences
    usually the size of a small house
    they may drop or rise in altitude and also hover completely still in the air
    they have also been reported to morph in mid air
    i have personally seen these crafts a fair number of times in the last two years and everytime is more bizarre than the last, i can honestly tell you i do not know what the fuck they are, i want to say that they could be military craft but after observing them its really hard to say. its eerie to say the least.
    here is a video of a 'fake plane ufo' someone captured over texas, i am in california and have been witnessing the same thing
    4.25 is fucking crazy
    i literally saw one of those fuckers hover over somebodys house for 5 minutes last month

  2. 'They' seem to have a strange fixation towards making people believe in extraterrestrials. 
  3. that first video is a series of airplanes in the distance comin to land at an airport. the skies are clear so you can see like 6 planes coming in a few miles apart from one another. after living between Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airport, for 18 years, you start to notice air traffic patterns and routes.
  4. I was coming in here to say something about Hobby. :D I think you've got in covered ha

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  5. I think it is a drone
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    its hard to say man, but i saw one of these things with my own eyes, 150 ft up at MAX
    this thing was triangular in shape, hovering over a house, not a hum, out in the country.
    in fact the thing  followed us around down country roads for a good ten minutes, thats when me and my girlfriend stepped out of the car and watched it 
    if you watch that video at 4:25 one of those things was so low it was basically in the trees
  7. I don't believe in extraterrestrials, at least not in this galaxy.

    A few nights ago, however, I was walking outside to smoke my nightly joints.
    As I'm sparking up o see a light in the sky on the distance. At first I thought it was a helicopter.
    So I listened but heard no chopping.

    As I looked at it for a minute I got a surge of "what the fuck is that".

    So I kept listening and eventually heard the blades as it came over a hill.
    I was right, it was a chopper.

    Probably looking for escape convicts or some shit...more scary than aliens!

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