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Fake Percocets

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Pola Bear, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Okay so so fat ghetto mother fucker sold me 2 pills of percocet for $9 and it turned out they were 800mg ibuprofens, so what should I do? Should I get my money back or just not by from him again? Also, I have a bad stomach ache now, I'd guess from the 1600 milligrams of ibuprofen, which is equivalent to 8 Advils.
  2. wait so you found out they were ibuprofen AFTER you swallowed them?
  3. Thats unacceptable. Confront him and tell him you want your 9 bucks back.
  4. Yeah, I checked em out on this pill identifier thing where you put in the shape, color, and writing on the pill, and it tells you what it is. Well, I kept typing I8 for the writing and didn't find anything after several attempts, so I just popped em. It wasn't until after I popped em that it occurred to me that it could be 8I instead of I8.
  5. Your own fault on this one. Study your shit before you go out buyin it.
  6. percocets are round...w/ 512 and a line...right? but those 800mg ibuprofen are oval like a vicodin. seems like you weren't payin' much attention to what you were getting. $9 really isn't SHIT...i guess you could TRY to get your money back, but to be honest it's not even worth the time and effort over $9. hope this is a lesson learned. dont buy from people who give you a bad feeling. iono where all these people find these bad drug dealers, out here it's 100% business n treated as such...oh well...cali livin baby
  7. i wouldnt bother him. he's prob stupid tooo and didnt know what he was buying. you should always always always make sure of what your takin if you dont know. is it his fault for seelling them or youir fault for buyin them? chicken or the egg my friend, chicken or the egg
  8. get ur money if ur bigger and stronger than him otherwise runaway and cut ur losses, and research ur shit next time.
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    You are exactly right swisher. Heres a pic to help the Op....

    Left to right: 800mg ibuprofen, Front and back of 5/325 Percocet, Front and back of 5mg oxycodone.
  10. percocet also comes in a generic form in canada its a round tablet but I can't remember the numbers :(
  11. yep.. thats the nature of the game man... be grateful someone didnt sell you some really bad shit and you shot it up... if your dealers a dope addict himself, its more than likely he'll try to get one over on you... and there are heartless people out there that would sell you something lethal and tell you its H or something just to make some money to buy themselves a fix... ive seen it done.. ive seen it!!
    someone sold a girl some face powder and told her it was H, ( in a wax packet, its hard to tell) good thing she didnt try to bang that shit...
  12. Yeah, see thats why I was suspicious in the first place, percocets are round when I buy them, but I didn't know because I never bought from this guy before, so I didn't know if they were like generic or something.
  13. thats y u look up the pill numbers online b4 u buy...
  14. that fool that sold em to you deserves the money because your a dumbass for buying that shti
  15. They aren't fake Percocets, they are Ibruprofen. You should have known this before you bought them. $9 gone, I say leave it alone, its just $9. Learn from your mistakes.
  16. If i'm buying pills I don't immediately recognize I double check using my iphone so I know what i'm getting before I put the money down
  17. Confront him, get a crew,salute him with ur left hand,and pop the shit out of him with ur .40 in ur right hand,reach in his pockets,.....20$bill?,go to the next liquor store,change the bill,get ur nine bucks,and leave his 11 bucks on his t-shirt pocket.
  18. Sigh. advil are 500MG each i believe. it's like taking 2 and a 1/4 of another.
  19. No, Advil is Ibuprofen brand name, 200 mg each. Your thinkin Tylenol, brand name Acetominophen/APAP, which comes in 500's. Just semantics, but since you're tryin to correct someone, I thought id let you know
  20. always ask the dealer the number on the pill before you buy, and then make sure it's the same number he gave you on the pills.

    Just don't buy from him again. whether he knew he was ripping you or not, he won't give you your money back.

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