Fake/mean things a fake friend did to you

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    I had this friend i used to be very tight with, been knowing him all my life. He always lied alot, and he didn't seem to bother if people knew he was lying. He also liked to be mean and put people down so he could feel better about himself. A very predictable guy. I think he was depressed or something because something was not right with this dude, he was always mad and shit, spreading bad vibes all the time.

    I remember one time when alot of my brothers adhd/add medicines (adderall, concerta) went missing. I was suspecting him but i wasn't sure so i decided not to confront him. The worst thing was that my parents was suspecting me because of a drug problem i had back in the days. But they suspected my friend too.

    Anyway, one time we had been arguing earlier that day about something. He got mad so he texted me and called me a fucking whore and shit.. But, later that day he suddenly just comes into my room because my dad let him in, i was suprised. I asked him what the fuck was wrong with him, i was so close to beat the shit out him and he saw it so he just got nervous and just stared at me, he then said "well, i guess i gotta seek help then", i said "yea you should". Then we just sat there silently and didn't say a word to each other, suddenly he said he need to go downstairs to take a glass of water. My dad have hid the pills because they couldn't afford getting them stolen all the time. Then my father heard the kitchen water crane go on and he decided to sneak up on him from behind, and then he saw my fucking "friend" with his hands in the medicine cabinet searching for the pills. My dad said "what are you looking for?", he quickly close the medicine cabinet and said "nothing". My father told him to go home to his parents and tell them what he have done, or else he would call them for him.

    Some people have no shame.

    Got any similar stories? Share them please.
  2. If I was you OP, hypotheticaly, I would of snuck up on him myself and smashed his head off of the medicine cabbinet. But being hypddothetical, that would never happen because I do not condone violenceqw.
  3. The thing is, this guy never stopped being a cunt. My friend whopped his ass real bad twice because he'd been stealing booze from him, talking shit and spread rumours behind his back.
  4. lol friend tried to get those good from you?
  5. just be a mate and get him some help, it's the best you can do man. if he is looking for your fathers pills there is obviously something wrong with him.
  6. seriously though, being an ass and hating him on him(even though he might deserve it) won't help...
  7. I agree... it seems he has a problem.
  8. haha the way you describe him and the label you put on him do not match up sir
  9. This was a long time ago and i dont hang with him no more. This guy is a major douchebag so i ain't gonna waste my time on him, i've even suspected he suffers from psychopathy. Fuck him.
  10. wooow thats fucked up...one guy i used to be friends with gave me, our other friend, and my gf a fake address to a party and we drove out there and knew it was fake. we called him he ignores us and then tries to tell us some bullshit and puts other people on the phone to fuck with us...so we fuckin went to his pad to confront him sure enough hes out there with some other people. when we ask him what his problem is he basically hides like a bitch with his gf and has his "homies" come confront us and one of them had a knife lmao i wasnt trippin though because i knew this kid wouldnt do shit, i was more disappointed in my so called "friend". and it was fucked because me, him, and our other friend that he fucked over were all like good homies for a couple years
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    Heh yeah i'm pretty bad at explaining stuff in english, especially when i'm baked.:smoking:

    He's an hybrid of an angry, depressed guy, and a douche. werid ye
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    too many shady people have been in my life and stolen from people i care about. 90% of those people are either in jail or have sunk beneath the cracks. only about 10% of those people turned their shit around. im apart of that 10%

    i've always been lucky for some reason, never really had anything of mine stolen from me even though i've done some fucked up shit. but someone a few months back did jack my roomate badddd, they stole about $350 worth of stuff. worst part is, we didn't notice anything was missing till a couple weeks went by. and all three of my roomates suspected it was this one friend of a friend of mine that was coming over every so often to buy buddha and kick it for a bit. there was one night where he passed out drunk on the couch so we did him a solid and let him stay. haven't heard from that fucker ever since. my friend was pretty pissed about the whole thing and now i guess they don't talk.

    the fucked up thing is - i have a thief mentality. i used to hustle all through out highschool. used to pickpocket kids at lunch, steal bikes, steal phones, ipods, laptops, break into cars, stole things off peoples patios, used to rip kids off constantly when i sold bud. stole from my family, lied to everyone i care about. i was making more money then, then i do now.

    its fucking surprising people still put up with my shit. but that was years ago. and i still have that terrible mentality. but now i use it for good. when i see someone set their phone down at a party, i watch that shit like a hawk. or if someone has something really expensive sitting out, i'll watch people and look at the people who give the signs that they want to pull a fast one. im the guy at the party who will make you empty your pockets if something turns up missing. and there's been a couple times where we have caught people in the act. it does not end well. this one kid ended up puncturing a lung cos i hit him so hard for stealing my friends phone. i watched him hide it behind a plant in the front yard. then the fucking dude laughs in my face when i confront him about it.

    one thing i think everyone should know about a thief is that a lot of thieves do it for sport, not because their going to go to bed hungry if they don't, most do it just to see how much they can get away with. or at least thats why i stole - the rush of it all and it was so damn easy cos people are so fucking oblivious sometimes.

    moral of the story? BE AWARE of your surroundings
  13. He obviously needs to just stop being a little cunt if you ask me because it seems as if he's done this in the past. I don't think he needs help.
  14. i like the way you type lol if you read it slow you sounmd like a swaggin stoner lol
  15. This is an oddly specific thread, OP. I like it.
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    I have friends to this day in my circle that i know shit talk me behind my back..It just sucks because the people that do that shit are the people that are suffering the most, they try and act like nothings wrong, they're your friend, everything is fine..And then once my back is turned i'm this and that.

    It's really fucked up, so i mean i still play a part in these 2 individuals lives but they play absolutely no part in mine and are absolutely clueless to the fact that they know next to nothing about me, lol. It's actually a little strange sometimes having to dodge and evade when these people try and get close to you and figure out stuff about your life but you just gotta remember they're only lookin' for more ammo..

    Silly bitches. And yeah, i still play a part in these peoples lives because i got fuckin' character son and i ain't afraid to help somebody when i know i ain't gonna get nothin' but a fuck you in return..

    Infact, i suppose those are the people that need the most help so yeah.
  17. both of my so called best friends, well ex best friends, used to constantly rip me off with deals when i first started smoking, would take nugs out of my bag if i went for a piss and left it in the room, they would ask to roll up a j, so i would give them a nug but then they would pocket half of it. they would be stupid about it though, like there was a time where i had 2 FAT nugs, i come back and my bag is all dusty and in about 7-8 small nugs. i have purposely weighed up a bag in front of them at lets say 2g gone out the room and come back and weighed it again and it would be like 1.6-1.7g or some shit and they would flat out deny they touched it but a few occasions they admitted to stealing it - said it was bcz they didnt have a bedtime j and thought i wouldnt give them one and then still had the cheek to ask if they could keep what they took!!..... they would never pay back ANY money, even if it was just £5 and they had £100 in their pocket, they would begrudge paying me or anyone back, one moved away a few years ago and we fell out over money, i borrowed £30 from him and when he asked for it back I said to take it off what he owed me (which was probably along the lines of around £600-800 - not that i was keeping count!) which he didnt like one bit and since hes just stingey as fuck with everything towards me and always brings up that one time i didnt pay him back as an get-out-clause for everything he owes/owed me!! £30 for £600... what a cunt! lol i even gave this guy a pair of shoes that set me back £135 as his got taken by the police and he never returned them or the favour... the other moved away about 6 months ago and i haven't spoken to him since, thank fuck! for months before he moved he would call me up at least twice a week asking to borrow money, weed or even ciggis! always sounding like a desperate crackhead, he would call and ask for like £100-£200 then would keep getting lower and lower everytime i said no until he got down to like £5-10! lucky for me i only lent him £8 for some beers as he knew he was moving for about 4-5 months prior to leaving but kept it quite as to borrow & tick everything he could from everyone and then run off owing everyone money and this is the guy who's child im godfather to! who i was supposed to be his best friend, i was the only person that was ever there for him or to help him out in times of real need the whole 6-7 years i knew him, i put a roof over his head multiple times due to him getting thrown out of everywhere for not paying rent / stealing / being a cunt, fed him and even gave him money for clothes when he had holes in his shoes and was basically living in rags.... oh and i have to add in, when i started to rip them off for bud when i was selling it they fucking hated it and couldnt stand smoking with me but would happily sit there and smoke all mine up.... even if i weighed it in front of them so they knew it was on weight, they would bitch and moan and say that it doesnt weigh up or say they want some stupid deal that would actually kill my profit entirely just as "mates rates" like they would want 3.5g for £20 when £20 gets you 2gs, just absolute fucking mugs, not exactly people i go out of my way to speak to or see, ive pretty much cut contact with the one i put up etc and ive spoke to the other guy once since april, so go figure!! but he acted like we're still really close when we haven't really been friends for like 3-4 years!!
  18. damn i didnt realise i wrote that much, i dont expect anyone to read that shit lmao
  19. Fuck punctuation!!!! Lol

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