'Fake Marijuana' May Trigger Heart Trouble In Teens (3 Boys Heart Attacks)

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Skyed, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. large doses of JWH can easily make your heart get out of control. keep it low kids
  2. Thar we go
  3. Shit is baaaad news.

  4. No need to ban. This stuff has much potential for researchers looking to map receptors and as anti-tumor medicines.

    Seriously though, who would use this shit if the real deal was legal?

    Bans are never a good solution.
  5. iv been saying this for years

    1 my of friends had a minor heart atk after smoking K2

    stay away from that bullshit.
  6. I wonder where they initially test this stuff. Think they keep some hobo shackled up in a basement, and all the scientists constantly test all these research chemicals on him?
  7. Fuck K2. I've smoked it before and it's like smoking bits of radioactive metal. Smoke the real thing and only the real thing.

    Make K2 illegal, I don't care.
  8. Shit is hardcore addicting too. Atleast for me. I bought like 4 grams of it one time, got baked as fuck the first time, every time after decreased, and decreased, to the point i was smoking 5-6 bowls every 2 hours, just because the come down sucked so bad.
  9. i've never felt any tolerance build up with synthetics
  10. [quote name='"Marsbergen"']I wonder where they initially test this stuff. Think they keep some hobo shackled up in a basement, and all the scientists constantly test all these research chemicals on him?[/quote]

    Those damn scientists
  11. This stuff is bad. Now that they've banned the original chemicals it was made from it's made from new altered chemicals that even less is known about. Nobody knows what the long term effects are, it's insanely addictive and it's made in the chinese equivalent of meth labs. The DEA needs to leave mj alone and worry about stuff like this.
  12. The saddest part is every news show in fucking Australia is airing shows about "How legal drugs get you just as high as real ones" This is in a state were bongs are about to become illegal...

    Fucken idiot government.
  13. Im not sure when this started getting popular.

    With that said.

    There is this kid i work with and he asked if ive tried this K2, and i said no. He told me what it was all about.

    Then he asked if wanted some. i said no.
    Then he asked why?

    I told him i dont do man made drugs like that. (because i know stuff like caffine is a drug)

    And heres why. I dont want the possibility of overdosing.
    this stuff...you dont know what it might do to you down the road...you can end up like a meth-head. Sorry ive seen people addicted to that crap...you think thats a good time?, then go for it...not me.

    He dropped it right there.
  14. yeah, i've tried that spice shit.. not a fun high lol.
  15. I think its the media, Tabou21. My mother for example 44yrs old not the sharpest tool in the shed but street smart, The news and papers(In Australia) have been going nuts on this saying its just like real drugs. My mother actually came to me with the news paper article one day all excited.

    "Dale Dale look at this....could it be true we could save so much money?"

    I had to explain to her why its a stupid idea and I doubt they even get you high(In the same way marijuana does), This is a woman that was around before breath tests....She got street smarts but they make it seem so safe and the media weather they know it or not are advertising it like crazy.

    When something is legal the general population considers it to be 100% safe...In this case ignorance is not bliss lol

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