Fake Illadelph? Need opinions

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  1. I want to buy this so called "Illadelph" but i cant be sure if its real, im buying it for around 450$ used and just want some opinions before i drop half a grand. It says it comes with a hookah top also so is that even made by illadelph? Thanks
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    Do you think you can you get better pictures? I'm really not an expert but that glycerine coil looks off. I'm not even sure if there is an illadelph logo on there anywhere, but that may just be because of the angles. Again I'm no expert and you'll probably get a much better answer from someone who is, but out of all the illadelphs I've seen (which I'd like to think is a lot via smoking with friends, GC, other forums, etc) it doesn't really look legit :confused:

    However in my opinion I think with $450 you could get something that looks infinitely cooler AND probably smokes better brand new from ALT or something. Just something to think about since you've got a pretty good budget. Just my opinion though.


    EDIT: Apparently I am atychiphobic (fear of being wrong/failure). After reading some of the other posts I can say with confidence that this is NOT an illy :p
  3. Not an illy. I don't even see an attempt at a label?
  4. Yea it definetly seems fake, il confront the guy about it when he responds

  5. Good choice. If I were you I probably wouldn't even get back to him or just let him know you're not interested. I don't think it's even worth your time confronting him when you can just take your business elsewhere.
  6. Kindov a bummer tho, i really had my mind set on this illadelph, whatever i can just make a run to berkely anyway
  7. She's a fake.
  8. I wouldn't say it's a fake, it's just another Glycerin coil bong, not anything wrong with that, there are other companies that make them...but if he said it's illy, the guy is wayyy off.
  9. Looks nothing like an illy man, definitely fake.

    Dont even respond - the dude is trying to fuck you over, so why even keep talking to him/her?

    Spend your hard-earned money on a legit tube!
  10. Thanks you guys for your help, im just gunna not respond to him

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