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fake id

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JonnyPotSeed, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. I thought i already posted these or i was way to drunk and thought i was but anyway i just got a fake id and i love it.i was just seeing how many people have had them before.They make my life 20x easier to get stuff.Peace out
  2. for real, you bought alcohol with a fake id? how much did it cost you?
  3. I've thought about making my own a couple times. I could seriously do it if I had a couple model ID's to scan and work with. I'd need to take the file somewhere to get printed real nice, too.
  4. a lot of people have them here in new orleans because drinking is preatty much a huge part of our party culture. enough of my friends have them so i dont need 1 except for getting into bars and clubs and shit like that. people i know will make them for fifty but thats steep theyd make it for me for free if i needed one. i just see it as a liability. esp i my parent or local authorities get a hold of it. for buying beer and the like there is a place the new orleans youth has nicknamed "crack mart" figure it out....i swear im 18 :?
  5. Usually I can get alcohol without having to step inside a store. That's one good thing about college, there's always someone about to go on a liquor store run. When I go home I just go over to a friend's house where his parents don't mind if we drink as long as we don't leave. Fine by me, I'm not gonna drive drunk and I sure as hell am not getting in the car with a drunk driver.
  6. i dont need one because my friends either are over 21, and they buy it, or we just do beer runs! haha <---love those!
  7. I still have my old fake id (the kind that are in the plastic sleeve). now with all the new pvc cards i'd imagine its much harder to forge one now:S
  8. If only I could find a pvc printer. Those things are hella expsenive. But I can always print it on glossy paper and laminate and then stick it in the sleeve in my wallet.
  9. I've got one. I paid 30 and 8 for the photo. There's a street in Los Angeles that is basically fake ID row. If you're young looking and look out of place(read not hispanic, I'm not being racist just a fact) they'll literally jump in your car to hook it up.

    It doesn't have to look great, just passable. The stores know they're fake, they just ask to cover their ass. I used mine to get in clubs mainly, and sometimes to buy beer.

  10. One more thing: Put all your real info on it except the age. That way if you get caught by the PO's, they don't think you have it to use someone elses' credit card or something. Just a little protection.
  11. I usually have a friend thats at the age limit, or a friend has a friend, so we all yell "i got shotgun" and haul ass to the store. So I don't really need a fake ID.
  12. I'm not sure I agree about putting you're real info on the card. If you plan to use it with your credit card then you need your real name on their obviously. Other than that though, I think you should put fake info on there. There are plenty of times that you might have to ditch your ID (e.g. a bouncer says "this is fake" and starts to get pissed) and you don't want to leave all your real info in case they decide to pursue it. I think the odds of them trying to prosecute you for credit card fraud or something based on a fake ID are pretty low.
  13. i have my brothers..... though i only need it for a few more months..... wooo
  14. lotsa youngin's here huh? ... mmmm... <code><sigh></code> i remember those days.... wonderful times... we made our own... digital cameras, laser printers... we thought we were bad ass... the id's were pretty shitty though... but they always worked
  15. I know someone that when he was 17 just printed out a little sheet of paper with a new birthdate on it and stuck it to his ID. Wouldn't work for alcohol because the card still said UNDER 21 on it, but it worked for cigars. It just goes to show that they don't care how old you are as long as their asses are covered.
  16. I had one. it was an older friends that looked exactly like me. worked pretty damn good. then NJ started getting anal with IDs. I strongly suggest *not* to mess around with fakes in nj.

  17. Id still put my real info on it. The chances of having a bouncer pursue you to your house is zero. Unless you did something like spit in his face.

    Also, cops can prosecute you for having an ID with intent to use for identity fraud. My friends dad is a cop, and he knew we were getting them. His only comment was to make sure to put your real info on it.

    Who would you rather have coming after you: a meatheadbouncer or the cops for a federal offense?

    Just trying to let you all know. Chances of either happening are slim, but do what you like.
  18. If you don't put real info, at least put something you have memorized on it. You don't want them asking your address while looking at your idea and you can't remember it. That's always a good way to see if someone has a fake id.

  19. i'm all good mine is a scanning ny state id..... i've taken on the jersey shore a few times.....always a blast....

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