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Fake friends

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by south502, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. This is going to be a rant but whatever. So I pet my old friend live with me for the last few months trying to be nice and don't charge rent or anything. It's my parents house but lately he's been eating all are food the bum has no license so I drive him to work all the time and worst of all he never ever buys any bud anymore. He does nothing all day and recently me and my younger brother had 100 dollars stolen and I know it was that fuck. I don't know what I can to prove he took the money because he sends it all to damn Mexico to his family. I'm seriously thinking about kicking him out but I try and be thoughtful and I know he has no where to go. What you all think?
  2. You gotta do what you gotta do. Fuck him
    Edit: dont have sex with him tho
  3. call the immigration on him
  4. If he's stealing that much money for you, he's not being thoughtful about the fact you're giving him a place to stay, feeding him, and taking him everywhere. Why be thoughtful back? I'd kick his ass out.
  5. Lol so he steals money and sends it down to mexico? Damn this guy got swag
  6. ok i have had alot of fake friends in my life and i cut them off. This isn't a fake friend this is a scumbag thief with no respect for you at all. I would do more than kick him out.
  7. I understand if you don't want the guy to live there (can't say I blame you, one thing I really need is my space) but look at it from his perspective

    you say he "does nothing all day" but you drive him to work. can't be both.

    and he sends all his money to his family in mexico? that's pretty respectable IMO.

    and you say he doesn't buy bud any more? if anything, that shows maturity IMO. What would piss you off more- him not having a job and just smoking all day, rent-free, or him having a job and sending his paychecks back to his family? bud is a luxury and shouldn't take the place of a necessity (which for him seems to be feeding his family)

    I dunno, just step out of yourself and take a look at the situation. guarantee you won't see it the same.

    if he did actually steal your money though, fuck him.
  8. Haha that's be some funny shit
  9. Yea I know it's my parents house and I don't know if they'd even let me cause I can't prove he took it. Like I don't talk to him no more or nothing he just still stays here. I dont know how he can stay somewhere were people don't feel comfortable with him there
  10. Yea the asshole always is sending his paycheck and never helping out with our family's spending
  11. Hmmm yep sounds like a class A douch stain
  12. obviously kick him out
  13. Tell your parents he's a cunt.
  14. so you know hes sending money to his family in mexico but you can't prove that he stole it...

    lol you let someone walk over you there going to do it... hes not your friend kick him out and move on
  15. steal some of his shit THEN kick him out
  16. if you know he stole it why dont you tell him if he doesnt give it back youre gonna kick him out?

    if he doesnt then kick his ass out

    if he gives you the money kick his ass out anyways
  17. If he's sending all of his money to his family in Mexico, then he actually sounds like a decent guy.

    But if he stole the money, that is unacceptable and he needs to be put out.
  18. wait til he is sleep then lace his room with some habanero spray
  19. damnit wrong thread

  20. Sorry but you are being a push-over little bitch, even if you are a girl. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! You're saying "I dont know how he can stay somewhere were people don't feel comfortable with him there" umm.. hello? IT'S YOUR HOUSE! Kick him the fuck out if you don't like him there!

    Fuck. Shit just bewilders me completely. He's not being fake, you're just allowing yourself to get used hardcore.

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