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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by meowtoyou, May 9, 2011.

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    You guys are right.. I've done thinking.. I will apologize to the girl tomorrow. Sorry guys, I am an asshole.

    Now usually, I am a nice person. I NEVER make fun of people, I just didn't really think she would be that upset by it... sorry guys again :(
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    Yes, i think you and your friends are assholes. Well he apologized to the girl. I guess he isnt an asshole. We all make mistakes and its easy to fall into that kind of behavior when you are with a group, I'd be a liar if i said i havent done it myself. The fact that you even thought to question yourself, and then go so far as to apologize, that shows that you are a better man than most.

    How do you know she is "fake"? Maybe she was drunk... maybe she wasnt. But even when im hammered drunk and cant walk, i can still manage to type out a sentence without spelling or punctuation errors. I can make smileys when im drunk too.

    Of course she would flip out and cry. That's what happen when a group of people have someone cornered on the bus and try to belittle them. That is what you were doing.

    And even if you are right and she was being "fake"... who cares? She said something about someone else and said she was drunk. That doesnt concern you. The fact that you brought it up and then made fun of her about it makes you an asshole.

    A "real" person would have not let that happen. You could have not ruined her day, and you wouldnt have gained or lost anything.

    You must be new to high school?
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  3. Alcohol is bad..Pot is Good

    and yea you bullied some girl on the bus haha sweet man!
  4. OP is a bitch unless he goes and apologize to her.
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    Fuck her in the ass.

    Edit: for the record i respect the fact that you made her cry keep it g
  6. Maybe she took the time to make that message perfect, because of her being impaired at the time.

    Could have taken her 15 minutes to type that message out and post it up.

    Or maybe she actually was faking it. Who cares?
  7. Kinda agree with this. yOu should say sorry
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  8. I got drunk and typed shit out well but barley made sense...Who cares OP a lot of fakes in the world.

  9. YES:mad:
  10. its pretty easy to type correctly when your drunk....ive posted plenty of posts in here when im completely shitfaced, and the spelling is all correct (or at least the way i usually post on GC)

    you sound immature., id be surprised if ur actually 18
  11. You guys acted like assholes off a presumption..not cool

    OP actually sounds like the one who doesn't know shit about being drunk
  12. I remember my first day of Sophomore year.

  13. I'd be surprised if your actually 18.

    I know this is hard for some people to understand, but just because you're 18 doesn't make you mature.

    So when you see stupid posts like these, you have to realize that it could very well be a 21 year old doing stupid shit as much as it could be a 16 year old.

    People are immature as fuck at 18-21.
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  14. go be a nice guy and offer her a hug and a blunt :smoke:

  15. well id be surprised if ur 18 too man

    the feeling is mutual :wave:

  16. I'm 18 going on 19 in 2 days. I'm an immature fuck.

    I know some 15 year olds who are more mature than my 18-20 year old friends.

    The only way to know someones age for sure is if they show you their ID lmao
  17. Theres way more important shit going on in the world so let some other fucker worry about it and blaze a fat one.
  18. I'm 130lbs 5'6" male 8-10 shots into 80 proof and I can still type like a literate person. I might fuck up, but I'm capable of reading it and editing.

    Granted it may take my drunk ass 10 minutes for a 2 minute reply, but still.

  19. Its those texts you just send without readin that really get you when your drunk
    But if you know you want to make sense it'll take you awhile to text a good sentence
  20. Yeah, and texting is a completely different game from sitting at a computer screen too. My grammar in texts lacks anyways, because opening a separate tab to put in shit like apostrophes isn't worth it when I'm drunk, let alone sober, but at a keyboard its so natural for me anyways.

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