FAKE DJ short seeds

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    just so everyone knows if they dont if you ordered seeds from attitude they recieved fake seeds from Plantasur.
    not to discredit attitude in anyway, they've always been spot on with my orders and i enjoy the free sedds :)

    but they'll refund ya.
    just letting whoever knows that didnt :)

    damn and i just noticed that they sell TGA subcool seeds now!
    ah and jillybean is already gone !!
  2. I check attitude couple days a go
    but Im not sure did JillyBean still exist in TGA by that name

    However, JillyBean is very good sativa

  3. as far as i know of yes, i recieved a copy of skunk magazine a few months ago and it was listed as jillybean in there still

  4. nice outdooor grow man.
    those plants are so exoctic loooking!
  5. yeah dude i just received an order of Pandora's Box by TGA subcool (ordered from attitude). Haven't heard much about this strain, but the great reputation I've heard about TGA had me quite intrigued. The description for Pandora's Box was exactly what I was looking for (mostly sativa, not a super long flowering period, a very upbeat, giggly and happy type of high, potent, reasonable yields, etc.). Can't wait to put them beans in some soil, but I have to wait a couple months due to my living situation before I can safely get my fourth grow up and going. :smoking:
  6. o yeah anything coming from subcool is going to be a great strain.

    start your journal up and ill be sure to follow!
  7. adding an update to this .


    pretty cool of em ...hopefully DJ will now show up in the Tude for real :)

  8. Going through our database... I wonder how long they maintain that...

  9. I wondered the same thing:rolleyes:...

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