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  1. i got 2 clones from a dispensary for $10 a piece one "querkle" and one "platinum og", they r now a little over a month into flower with some healthy buds but they look IDENTICAL in every way. i googled the pictures and they look way different, the querkle isnt even a tiny bit purple.

    -did the dispensary just pull a fast one on me?
    -how trustworthy r these dispensaries?
    -should i be concerned that the meds they r selling are "mislabeled" as a marketing ploy?
    -has this happened to anyone else?
  2. chances are thats what they were told the clones were. Probably came in from some grower, doubt the dispensary actually grew it to know...
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    Dispensaries get their clones from a bunch of different growers. Some of these growers dont even get their own plants from reliable sources.

    Another issue with getting clones from dispensaries is that you run the risk of bringing home a clone that might have powdery mildew, spider mites/eggs, or other diseases that are not visible right away.

    Its reasons like these why I stick to seeds. Maybe one day when I have some extra space for quarantine I'll be getting a clone because one of my favorite strains (blue dream) is a clone-only strain.
  4. Its hard to find a good clinic with legit genetics, I do know a couple in the LA area of So Cal that has spot on genetics. Weedtracker.com is a good place to research a clinic to see whats up. Also all the strains I have grown that turn purple don't turn purple till the last month of bloom.
  5. it takes longer, but do your own cuttings. you know what ya got. its your mother!:D and its damn near free. you can also sell your clones back to them.

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