Fake Boyfriends?

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  1. So a few girls I know have said that they have boyfriends when they actually don't. So it's starting to make me wonder... Why are these women lying?! I'm not talking about those who use having a boyfriend as an excuse not to give a guy her digits, but calling a guy her boyfriend when they barely know each other or have only been talking for a couple months.

    Girl A: Shes 16, claims to have a "black" boyfriend who is a few years older than her, claims that she's only met him once and they "held hands for 5 minutes", talks to him through Facebook (apparantly). She's clearly full of shit. Boyfriend has never met the parents or family. But claims he "wants to ask parents permission" (does anybody still do this shit anymore?!)

    Girl B: Girl A's older sister, XBF with drug problems walked out of her life, less than a week later had a new man who's in his 30's, who claims he is her boyfriend, they met online, only have known each other for a few months. Me and my girl think this is a rebound and same situation with the boyfriend not meeting the parents or family.

    Girl C: School Mate of mine, fat, ginger, fugly, crazy eyes, overheard her talking about how she does this and that with her boyfriend, seen her with various boys but I highly doubt anybody would get with that unless they were completely trashed (which is what I suspect happens often), hangs with the druggies around town.

    But in all seriousness are these women just attention whores or what? These women clearly don't have any boyfriends but are lying through their teeth about how great their relationships are, so what gives?
  2. Some girls just have a huge need for attention.  If they have trouble getting boyfriends this just makes it worse
  3. I mean, imagine being an ugly girl.. There is prob no worse existence
  4. Are you still in highschool?
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    loooooooool total fuckheads
    i've told women i had a girlfriend as a joke and shit but ive never actually pretended to have a girlfriend. for example, i'll finish fucking a girl and be like "i hope my girlfriend doesn't find out about this" or "this was so much better than with my girlfriend last night"
  6.  I'm in College, Girl C was in my Spanish Class for two semesters. Girl A is my girlfriends sister, and with that being said, Girl B is also my girlfriends sister 24 years old, GIrlfriend, one year old baby! I always see you in my other threads.
    Yeah, girls A & C aren't that good looking at all, and girl B is alright but getting chubby. 
    Yeah man both Girls A & B are attention whores and go out of their way to make sure all eyes are on them. Girl C I don't know as well, but I doubt anybody would tap that.
  7. Some people put up with a lot of shit. I learned early in life to keep my circle small.

    I don't fuck with liars, bitches, douche bags, or anybody who isn't happy being themselves.

    Ive hardly had issues with my friends because the second I find out someone isn't genuine, im done.

    No thoughts about them. No pondering why they do the dumb shit they do.

    I guess I'm saying this because you shouldn't be wondering why crazy girls like about having boyfriends. You should cut them off because if they lie about something so pety, they probably lie about a whole bunch of other shit too.
    I can't exactly cut out my girlfriends two sisters :laughing: but I definitely keep an eye on them. I'm the same way, been around a lot of fake people.
  9. You're dating their sister, not them. It doesnt seem hard to not be involved in their bullshir unless she's really close to them and you guys hang out as a group.
    Yeah I rarely see them, the younger one from time to time since she still lives at home, and stays the night, older one lives in another city over and rarely see her. S'all good!

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