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  1. I always thought faith was something related to God, even though I wasn't raised as a Christian. But now I see that faith is what you always have in yourself. Even when you are uncertain, you have faith in your uncertainty. On a deeper level, however, we return to self-awareness. This is the basis of faith, even though it cannot be defined (as definition follows, not precedes, true being).

    Realizing one's faith in oneself is, whether you accept it or deny it, the goal of one's experience.

    "If you're aiming at a goal,
    and you want to make a score,
    Just try it.
    Just try it." - Black Uhuru, "Try It"
  2. You should draw a distinction between faith and belief.

    I have faith that the world is blissfully accepting of me.:)

    I believe the world is actually trying to steal my faith.:eek:

    I believe the sun rises tomorrow at the appointed time.:)

    I have faith that it rises for my benefit, because I gave it an offering.;)

    I believe I'm out in left field again...but I have faith that I can rise to fall again.

    But I'm a faithful devotee of the absurdity of logical dissection of abstract reality.

    I'm also smoking some ninja right now...:smoke:
  3. You can draw your own distinction. My words speak for themselves.
  4. Which words are yours?

  5. Whichever you attribute to the "you" I am to you.
  6. Oh, you...that's yours? Cheeky monkey!:D

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