Faith is what? A spade?

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  1. When you've run out of facts, and wish to go on trying to sound interesting, a little faith goes a long way.

    Faith is a synonym for "superstition" isn't it?

    Imagine a piece of legislation called the "superstition based initiative", would it be as popular?

    Do you spend your time thinking wishfully and calling that 'prayer', or do you spend your time praying, and hoping to get your wish? Is there a difference?

    The mathmatical formula for the creation of faith is;
    Awareness of needs( food, water, shelter, etc.)
    + the fear of darkness
    +The inability to answer our inner voices
    +The desire to be protected from our fears and have our needs met.

    That sounds about right to me, let me know if I missed something in there.

    Faith is a spade to dig your own grave with, if you become brain-washed enough.

    Question everything, faith has pupeteer strings attached. And a shovel for the shit, it gets deep in there.

    Bush is hosting a party for the Pope today! Talk about signs of the apocalypse! Glad our tax dollars are going to help people who pay no taxes party like they're 21st century Mayans!

    To save the economy,
    -Frank Zappa-

    In the USA, Faith also means 'tax-free'... I wonder why there's so many churches all of a sudden?:D:smoking::wave:
  2. The Minister drives an escalade on his way to preach each sunday.
    He pays for it with tithes that he says keep the lord's wheels turning...
    And every April 15th he avoids the tax man visiting realty
    To build his taxless churches on, so he can afford Lincoln's for his family

    His sermon says,
    "It is the Lord's will that we be so blessed with tax-free status, so that we can afford to buy elections, to keep us tax-free. God is Mighty, bless the USA."

    I wonder why the country is in so much debt, with so many wealthy preachers running around?

    No one has a view on this?
  3. :hello:

    this guy that lives down the road is a "reformed" preacher.

    meaning that he did time in prison, and now he doesnt have to pay taxes on his income simply because he's good at speaking loudly to people.

    every single one of his suits are shiny and some godawful color.

    what does he drive? a lincoln pickup truck :confused:

    "the lincoln pickup truck: for the sophisticated redneck".
  4. i dont think americas in debt thanks to the preachers man, america spends hundreds of millions in the wrong places. besides the interest we pay to the federal reserve...
    my fathers a priest too, why arent we rich if all the others are? we dont even have a car.
  5. No one said all preachers are rich, I said all churches today really are is businesses, that pay no taxes, and provide very few jobs 'per square mile' despite openly trying to influence elections and public policies from their pulpits. If preachers wish to influence elections, let them resign their tax-free status.

    And the so called 'Faith Based Initiatives' now have us giving tax dollars to churches that pay no tax, a clear violation of the separation of church and state mandated by the constitution. How is this acceptable?

    Who is the largest private land owner in the USA? Do they have to pay taxes on that estate, I think its called Utah? No undue influence there, in magic underwear.

    I say any sect that doesn't live like the Amish should be paying taxes. I say any christian who doesn't live like the Amish, should re-read that book they love, and try to explain why not. The Amish are politically detached, and self sufficient, rare qualities among the spoiled mega-church set.
  6. Medicine, I completely agree with everything you've said. +rep.

    90% of the time in arguments with theist mates, I make a point, and they say "you can't prove god doesn't exist because I have faith".
    It fucking pisses me off. That's not an answer, thats avoiding the answer.

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