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    Jamie Coots, a somewhat famous pastor and "snake handler" has died after being bitten by one of his snakes and refusing treatment, citing his belief that the power of prayer will keep him alive.

    "Even after losing half of his finger to a snake bite and seeing others die from bites during services," Coots "still believes he must take up serpents and follow the Holiness faith," the website says.

    "the ardent Pentecostal believer said that he believed that a passage in the Bible suggests poisonous snakebites will not harm believers as long as they are anointed by God."

    I'm just curious, are their any blades that believe in that shit? The whole 'fuck doctors, God's got my back' thing

    You hear stories like this, and others like that couple who lost multiple young kids because they refused to take them to a doctor when they were obviously very sick (obviously learning nothing the first time it happened), also because they believed prayer alone would save their kids.

    I just don't understand how this shit still happens.
  2. Yes.  My neighbor's dog had two weeks to live with terminal cancer, I believed he was healthy and would meditate on him while playing guitar.  I even had a dream I was petting him.  He's still alive, several months later.

  3. Obviously, he did not have enough faith.

    I wonder how come they don't drink poison too!
  4. I'm sure you understand exactly how this shit happens. I agree, it's shitty as fuck. 
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    its bullshit, if it worked, it'd work 100% of the time, its God,, so unless God picks and chooses who he saves, then its bullshit...

    1 case out of millions shows, that god is a tad bit picky if its true (which is obviously is not), was their faith not good enough?

    so again, it's bullshit and parents that have their kids die because of not seeking medical attention should be charged with murder...

    and really...a dog lives but thousands of god worshiping people die from cancer all the time...this is some of the worst kind of bullshit
  6. I laughed when I read this in the morning. Dumbass. 
  7.  Lol, his snakes were all venomoid.  I bet someone got tired of his bullshit and tossed a hot rattler into the bin.  hahahaha
    Why?  Because science works 100% of the time to cure a disease?
    For quantum healing to work, both participants need to believe it is happening.  Creating motions with your mouth is not what matters, it is the exchange of positive energy within oneself that eliminates sickness.
  9. Those parents I mentioned earlier were actually in the news again. Judge gave them both up to 7 years behind bars. No of that 10 year probation bullshit so they could just fuck again.
  10. And that's baseless bullshit
  11. not that i dont agree with everything you said, but i find it interesting that its always assumed were worth more than other animals to god.
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    And that's baseless bullshit.
    I talk from experience, I have a base.  The universe does not have laws, we perceive them to be there.
    Refer to the video in the second post if you want something to base off of.
  13. okay but you see how that claim is baseless right? a statement like that HAS to be baseless as theres no way to measure "the positive exchange of energy within oneself". except what ideas you youreself create and buy into of course.
    Yes we perceive them, their consistency, their importance, and we call them "laws."  :rolleyes:
    Our lack to measure something doesn't equate to a lack of existence.  A few decades ago we didn't know about microwaves, so they didn't exist?
    You know it exists because you feel it.
    The placebo effect for example can be as effective as the medications they mimic.  Why is that?
    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."
    All laws are made to be broken.  Physics is no exemption, I feel it is unjust for you to exert your doubt on my reality of what can and cannot be done.
  17. You can have faith and believe in modern medicine. There's a difference between faith and blind batshit delusionalness.
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    We didn't discover microwaves because we "felt" that it existed- it was a continuous journey of progression through science that took the collaborative effort of every human who has ever participated in that field of study up until its discovery. All great discoveries are established on a gradient: theories, research, and a general consensus on whether or not it is factual by a community of experts. Claiming that something is real by faith alone doesn't prove its existence. And the fact that you "feel" it isn't enough validation for me. I don't give a fuck what you feel, show me proof.
    It can also be argued that putting synthetic toxins in your body to make it healthier is a batshit delusion, not that I would label someone's faith in such a manner.  Doesn't chemotherapy kill more people than it heals?
    I've experienced enough proof myself, by all logical and scientific means, the dog that had two weeks to live from cancer should be dead by now.  Though, for some reason, he is not.
    What do you all think about the video in the second post?  How much proof do you need beyond a video of a tumor being healed by practitioners repeating a healing mantra?
  20. hahaha what a post! How can you say that when the people who were healed may of otherwise died. Thank god for my bipolar medicine otherwise I may be in a mental hospital for life. Keep telling yourself that hippie Bs that everything unnatural is bad. When in reality every material comes from the earth. There's laws of the universe and god doesn't help those who don't help themselves. Not saying i believe in god either.

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