Fairly small "closet" design (8ft ceiling)

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  1. I'm going to convert this extra corner into a "closet"

    I feel like this will be a good area because after i got the crown molding off it left me with 34 inches of width and roughly 20 inches of depth, and an 8 foot ceiling!!

    Once i get it framed im going to install a sheet of drywall over the 20 inch opening (after installing the ebb & flow system im buying tomorrow) and cut a rather large door in it. reinforce it and install 2 or possibly 3 very shallow shelves and make the door hidden.

    The top will be approx 6.5 feet off the ground, maybe 7 ft, haven't decided yet.

    Im going to take full advantage of the 6X4 inch space in the back right of the closet to bring in cold air on the floor (possibly assisted by a small fan up top)

    Heres what i have done so far...

    Ill update soon!

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  2. i forgot to mention...

    i plan on running a single 400W HPS light with a 4in fan that has great suction. For smell control a closet sized carbon scrubber also hooked up to the same style 4in inline fan/blower.

    a wall mountable dehumidifier

    some sort of very small, possibly wall mountable C02 system

    am i missing anything so far?
  3. i am starting the same thing today!!
    Only difference is my cupboard is 16" x 36" and i am gonna be using a 150w metal halide for vegging then switch to a 150w son for flowering.
  4. heres where im at right now...

    the "shelf" up top is right about 6ft 4in so ive got a foot and then some to hide all the fans, ballast, etc

    im about to go hit up the hardware store to see if i can find a small midget door (3ft by 2ft, roughly)

    any ideas or suggestions, or does this look good so far? :smoke:

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  5. door is on! :hello:

    the 3rd pic is the 6in fan that just cost me $200!! but it pulls like no other so im happy..

    the new design for the exhaust is going to be..

    carbon filter with 4in duct, then 4 to 6in adapter, the light housing tube, then the fan, then a silencer!

    another update coming soon!

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  6. Holy shit, its almost done!! :hello::hello::hello::hello:

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  7. 2 more...

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  8. Lookin good man. Are you planning on covering the stuff on the upper shelf up? It looks really stealth so far other than that. How many CFMs is your 4" fan? Also, personally, I am doing almost the exact same setup, only I am going to put the 4"/6" adapter on the end of the reflector and use a 4" duct hose instead of 6". The large hose will contribute more air that your fan has to push through. NBD, still looks pretty good. Best of luck!
  9. i actually ended up buying a 6" High Output fan that pushes 440CFM, which i know is absolutely ridiculous for this closet but im buying a fan controller tomorrow because larger fans at lower speeds are quieter than smaller fans at the same cfm rate.

    and yes the last piece of drywall is up, ill upload a pic here in a second...

    **The reasoning for the 6" fan over the 4" was for a few good reasons
    1. it was only about $25 more than the 4" regular output fan
    2. it will run quieter than a 4" will
    3. the light tubes start at 6" and go up (no 4" available) thus reducing the number of reducers (lol) needing to be used
    4. it will come in handy when i want to move to a bigger room
    ** theres prob a few more as well..
  10. man!!!
    i aint done nothin apart from stick me seeds in the soill under a 10w halogen bulb!! lmfao!!

    yeah i know, wrong, but i'm havin' a giggle at the trouble caused by going away for two days to find that all the sprouts have now wilted after being watered too much! lol
    yes, i know, typical noob, yes!

    What did you do for the carbon scubber? self built or bought? gonna need one so would be good to know tbh....


  11. bought it, was only $50
  12. where from????
  13. local hydroponics store!
  14. Hey man, we have a similar setup, Im getting my light today, But I dont have a budget so I used tinfoil on the walls for now... Are you gona have a journal?
  15. from what i've read on here, tinfoil is a bad idea. just paint it white! lol
  16. Im pretty sure he's using mylar...
  17. personally id avoid the tin foil... just paint the walls a flat white.

    and yes, im gonna start a grow journal very soon...
  18. hows it coming on now then?
    mine all germed ok and have been under a little 10w halogen light for ages now but i picked up the rest of the bits today so gonna be fitting everything tomorrow. yay
  19. well my buddy had 2 ladys outside that we brought in 2 nights ago... as of right now i think their still in shock as ive noticed little to no new growth...

    im thinking i need to buy a digital ballast and get the old one out of that top chamber... id like to get a 4" fan and have it dedicated to the carob scrubber and the 6' dedicated to the light as its getting warmer than i would like it to be....

    your thoughts?

    also, the smell is escaping somehow and i need to resolve that, asap...

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  20. more pics

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