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Fairly New

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SiliconeShlong, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I am fairly new to weed and bought 1/8 the other day I have tried it before but not alot. So I rolled one with normal size papers and just weed like filled no baccy. I manged to get 4 rolled out of it and a bit left for a bong. I went on a walk with a mate and had the whole thing in about 5mins then after about 5-10 minutes I felt it kick in (It was the strongest shit ever never had anything like it)It burnt my throat and then I felt a tingle across my body and kinda of like warm bubbles bubbling from my throat (pretty weird) and then I was baked for about 3-4 hours. I had only had weed 2-3 times before. So any recommendations for the next 4 and the bong? Im thinking a party and just getting baked then, But any way's of making the high better? Also question I smoked it a few days ago, Should I be worried going through customs on Saturday to america?

    Cheers for your help!
  2. Cheers and welcome to the city! :gc_rocks:

    That bad feeling in your throat will get better as you get more experience, and the bubbling thing is probably nothing to be worried about.

    As far as how to make your high better, experience! With experience you will be more aware of what is going on and if you enjoy the herb with good friends that makes it even better!

    You have nothing to worry about as far as going through customs as long as you don't bring weed with you...Its fairly easy to come across in the states, you just gotta know some people.

    My advice is enjoy your low tolerance now! If you keep smoking you will look back at your first few times and want that experience again.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!
    I currently live in the UK but want to move to CA do you think I could get a green card easy? and also should I be walking around cause I literally went on a 10 mile walk :p Next time I'm going to get some mates together and some music! And any advice for rolling a cone shape with regular papers? I can only get regulars and the moment or shall I wait to get Kings?
  4. I'm not sure of the law in the UK but in the states it's not illegal to be high, but it is illegal to be in possession. In cali it should be easy to get a card but you have to be a resident of the state, and even if you don't get a medical card you can still get it by less legal means.

    Walking arround while high is very fun and its even better if you can go somewhere with good scenery, like a park or a beach.

    If you haven't listened to music high, you haven't listened to music at all! (I would actually consider music to be more of an experience when i'm high. You can really tell what the artists where trying to convey in there songs, its really cool!)

    I'm not that big on rolling, but if you want to Youtube is your friend. Personally I like bowls and bongs the best :bongin:.

    Its all about experience though, if you have access to something you haven't tried before (ie. bong, bowl, vape, etc) try it! See what you like the best.

    happy 4:20 btw (that's what time it is here in Minnesota) :smoke:
  5. Sick! I need to do something on april 20th ;) so yeh its the same over here legal to be high just not in possession :p its a class B drug here. It was scenic and I had a good time :p It was a 10 mile walk through the countryside :D was fun cant wait till 420 though!
  6. I'm still planning out my 4/20 as well.

    hope to see you more in the forums.
  7. Thanks for your help! I'll be sure to post more.
  8. Fuk the joint bong that bitch.

    O and welcome to the family of Maryjane ull never look back:) get ready to get mind fuked over the next few years weeds opens ur minds to world problems.

  9. This is so true!
  10. haha I would bong it but I don't own one :p, Going to save up to get one though! I hate mixing it with baccy though :p
  11. Roll man. Its an unappreciated art form, and the looks you get a parties when you walk around with a monster joint are ace (check my avatar pic). Oh and wlecome to the city blade!
  12. #12 TelevisedChaos, Mar 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2012
    Yo man, I'm from yorkshire :p

    The herb is good, it may change you though, it opens your mind up to new possibilities and makes you see things with a new found respect. That might sound corny but it really does, it has for me.

    Don't listen to the americans saying "bong it!", I mean you can if you want, but that's their culture. European culture is to have a spliff, but of course there's those that don't like baccy so they roll it pure. But if you want, try mixing in a pea sized ball of baccy (like 90% weed still) in your grinder (yeah you'll need one), it just enhances the high without masking the taste of weed, not to mention it helps it burn slower.

    I hate those people who put too much baccy in and it ends up tasting like a cig :mad:

    If you haven't been rolling for long, you'll get better and better at it over time, which will make your joints smoke more even and slow, there's plenty of videos on youtube and whatnot to help you learn :)

    A pointer I can give you is... don't feel guilty about it! You deserve it, and feeling like that will only ruin the high!

    Anyway if you listened to me babble, welcome to the city! :D :wave:

  13. Glad to hear you hate tobacco as much as me. You could try making a bong out of a plastic bottle but if you really want that first bong rip special, hit glass.
  14. Ahh I have already done the good old coke bottle bong ;) Thanks for the tips though!

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