Fairly certain i've destroyed my bloom crop, opinions needed asap

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Weedpipe, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. About a month ago I pulled out my A/C unit and have been using an open window for temperature control. Since this time I have been pre treating my plants with neem oil and diatomaceous earth. A couple nights ago I made up a mix of the neem and dawn, gave my plants a heavy mist and close the door for the night.
    after checking on them and the following day, all of the new growth was either yellow, or brown and dead.
    There are a few of the larger fan leaves that have some brown spotting, but for the most part they still look OK. pictures to come later today after lights on.

    I know what I've done wrong, I'd either added too much neem, or too much dawn, or too much of both, and I sprayed way too much.

    Two questions:

    1, is an overdose of the neem mix a death sentence?
    2, why am i such a fucking idiot? destroyed my own fucking garden by not paying attention to what I was doing, unacceptable, i am truly embarrassed
  2. pictures...

  3. around 6pm est
  4. like this only much worse

  5. here 1 of the veg plants, it might make it ???

  6. just flush the shit out of it?

    have you not read up on nutrient overdosing?
  7. i dont know what the hell im doin, ive got 3 grows in and 3 times ive got lucky.

    but i will flush the dog shit out of em right now.
  8. That looks much better than I expected. With some TLC you should be fine. Please evaluate your neem usage with a professional. Do you have mites now?:confused:

  9. you said you sprayed them you poisoned the plant. best thing to do is spray plants heavy with ro water or spring, tap only if u have to. before lights come on run fan so they dry before light comes on . what medium r u in ? if coco or hydro flush with mild nute solution. if soil flush flush flush then mild nute solution.
  10. no bugs, i pre-treat, before the fact, i dont wait for them to show up, i know theyll be comin as soon as the temps drop, and up until my fuck up its worked great

  11. there in coco, and last night i did spray them w/5.8 tap, but i hit them hard w/my normal nute mix at around 1000ppm
  12. Glad you don't have mites currently-that should simplify the recovery process. :)
  13. all plants have been very heavily flushed with mild nute mix.

    que sera, sera
  14. oh man that sucks. dont give up on them though. i just wouldnt spray them anymore and see if the new growth picks up and goes back to normal.

    best of luck to you bro. keep me posted on whats happening
  15. That's a shame man...Don't really see how neem would do that....
    For what it's worth don't think you killed them, their not looking that bad and should recover with some TLC.

  16. they gonna make it?

  17. do a mild nute flush
  18. id say a couple weeks from the looks of it.

    i cant believe how much that spray messed your leaves up.

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