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  1. does anyone believe in fairies or has had any experience ?
  2. not in the least.
  3. i stopped by the library and saw this book called "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Elves and Fairies"

    soo im guessing there should be a few people who believe in fairies but i was wondering if anyone has actually seen some
  4. Of course dude... who else put all that money underneath my pillow when I lost teeth

    .....you guessed it. THE TOOTH FERRY!!!!!
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  5. lol

    the tooth fairy is a mythical character ands myths usually come from legends which means that the tooth fairy might have been real like 1000 or more years ago
  6. yo thats a good question. where did the myth of the tooth fairy come from? who was the first person to do it? is it a bastardization of a different tradition...im wikipedia-ing it now...
  7. ^^^^^^^
    strictly hypothetically speaking of course, those wings couldnt support somthing with that much weight on its legs. the whole skeletal shape makes it unfit for flying
  8. looks like something my cat threw up.
  9. leaves for wings...
  10. Not to mention if it trully was mummified, those wings would be so dessicated that, had they not already turned to dust through the ages, they surely would have crumbled when it was picked up.

    Also, they are leaves. With some green paint.
  11. yea it looks pretty fake. i wonder how they made the skeleton

  12. I'm curious as to why you linked to the wiki for mythical. As if people here do not know what a myth is? Or what mythical means?

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  13. ^^^^haha wtf haha damn i cracked up when I saw thing just fuckin trippy.
  14. looks like jerky. i bet the limbs are great with beer.. chewy :yummy:
  15. ran across some in west hollywood. lol:smoking:

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