Fair price for a pound of White Widow, in north central U.S.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DevilRed, May 25, 2003.

  1. Obviously things affect this question, but in general whats a fair rate for a pound of outdoor grown widow?

  2. hey well it all depends i live in bc, canada and here outdooor widow is about 1000$$ for a pound but if its indoor it would be bout 1400$$ or around that cause indoor weed produces more thc and the bud i better for some reason but hey i gotta go blaze later yo
  3. ^
    hey pyrotec im not as sure as u are one that one i think outdoor gets me more stoned it just depends on how well grown and the place
  4. Depends on what side of the table you're on, buyin or sellin?

    I've seen it go for $1000 (tough market) and I've seen it go for $3500 (dry spell).

    But then I was on the later side of the table and not even close to the end of the food chain.

    If you're asking the question I think you're asking then timing is everything. Keep your ear to the ground and watch out for flat-foots. Fall is a crappy time of the year, market is saturated...spring/early summer is excellent. For your part of the country that is.

    Hope that helps, pm me if you want.

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