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fair asking price for 1/2 o?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gik4, May 14, 2006.

  1. so me and a friend of mine are both looking to get a sack tommorrow from my usual guy. he recently got some new stuff from the grower he buys from.

    the stuff i usually get is pretty dense, tons of hair and crystal. unfortunately, its outdoor grow so its got some stems and seeds in it. it gets me higher than the good mids i was getting back home.

    anyways, tommorrow my friend and i were going in together on a half ounce. usually we pick up 1/4's for 75 and they are a little fat

    would it be reasonable to ask for a price of 120 for the half?
  2. yes, 120 is a very fair price from the sound of the bud.

    and if he's getting it from the grower he can probably afford that.
  3. i wouldnt expect to get a price discount on some dank nuggs when only buying a 1/2 o. Maybe if you were buying a qp, he would be more apt to cut u a deal
  4. I pay 120 for a half ounce of some dannnk ass nugs. So yes 120 is a good price id say for a half.
  5. Thats a good deal. Its what i was paying for a 1/2 ounce before i got my hookups. Now i get it for $50! :) I love my connections...
  6. if its got seeds and shti then i wouldnt pay more then a 100, the best stuff usually runs about 200 a half and im talking jack herer, haze ,sour d, all those.
  7. Yeah, that's fair, but at 75 a 1/4, I could see him asking 130, and it still makes sense, though 120 of course would be nicer.
  8. If your any where near mexico (AZ, Socal, or TX) that's a rip-off. Pretty good deal otherwise.
  9. I get half O's of some dank headies for 180 around hear. Half of damn good mids is 70. So I guess if its good stuff 120 deffiantely ain't too bad.
  10. lol, i get dank nugs from anywhere between $75-$90 a half z
  11. $75 ÷ 7 grams (¼) = 10.714 or roughly ($10.00) per gram<O:p</O:p

    14 grams (½) x $10.00 = ($140.00)

    Stay green!
  12. I get it for 150 of some crazy ass really dank shit thats like 3 hits and your set.
  13. yeah, i live in Az i pay 60 for an O lol i love AZ
  14. Well... usually an ounce for $300... a chill dealer will give it to you for $150 but usually you'll pay between $180-$200. If it's legit then $120 would be a very good deal.
  15. im not near az at all, im actually in Australia for the time being, which rocks like you cant understand

    yeah, i was paying 75 australian for a 1/4 which is like 55 american. i'm going to pick up the 1/2 today, hopefully ill get my camera working and put up some picks, although i must say this now, the stuff doesn't look nearly good as it smokes. it is usaully a little leafy, but sooo strong.
  16. The most i'v everpaid for a half oz is $110, but that was only when the whole town was dry and my dealer had the only weed for days. Its usually $90.

  17. move to canada! you guys pay straight crack prices! the money you would save would get you an apartment in no time
  18. 25 for 3.5 G
    50 for 7 G
    100 for 14 G
    150 for 28 G
  19. i pay 25 bucks for a half :/

    lol if you asked for 120 for a half i'd slap you in the face, even if it is kind bud.. i can easily find halfs of kind around here for under 80 bucks
  20. where are all you people located that you get buds for so cheap?

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