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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fullmetal20, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. ok usually i like to toke alone,but yesterday a friend wanted to toke with me, and im like ight :]

    so we get to her house and start toking, somewhat 5-8 bowls later were in the kitchen effen baked cooking things, and then out of no where she's like "man im dizzy" and just faints!!!! she like fainted on some dish washer thing, i instanlly ran to her to see if she was ok, checked her head and everything and she was fine but is this common?

    and yea she had low tolerance at the time
  2. sounds like a simple lack of oxygen, she should be ok it happens all the time
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    I dont know if it happens all the time, its only happen to me once in my life. Its not a lack of Oxygen either. It happens because of blood pressure, People who are new to smoking have an increase pulse, I do not have an increase in pulse after smoking grass. It has been many years since I have the heart race feeling that occurs to smoking pot. This is probably the only time this will happen to her, it has happen to my friends when they were having there period.

    According to the NAS, the effects of marijuana on blood pressure are complex, depending on dose, administration, and posture. Marijuana often produces a temporary, moderate increase in blood pressure immediately after ingestion; however, heavy chronic doses may slightly depress blood pressure instead. One common reaction is to cause decreased blood pressure while standing and increased blood pressure while lying down, causing people to faint if they stand up too quickly. There is no evidence that pot use causes persisting hypertension or heart disease; some users even claim that it helps them control hypertension by reducing stress. One thing THC does do is to increase pulse rates for about an hour. This is not generally harmful, since exercise does the same thing, but it may cause problems to people with pre-existing heart disease. Chronic users may develop a tolerance to this and other cardiovascular reactions.
  4. My friend went to the docs with somethin similar to this, dunno if it was anythin to do with the weed or just coincidence?
    But turns out to be something to do with blood pressure?
  5. She smoked too much and greened out man.
  6. its was crazy cuz she was like "man i have a huge issue with getting high, i got a wicked high tolerance" then within like 40 mins of smoking, she was like "yup think my tolerance just droped" im like "haha" *passes bowl*

    even though there was like no possible time to keep her from falling i felt bad though :\
  7. I've only fainted once, and I think it was partially due to shock. I cut my foot pretty good on a sharp corner of a rock at my buddy's house. It was bleeding a bit, I got dizzy, everything started to go white, my hearing started becoming muffled, and the next thing I know i wake up on his boat with some Marley going...I felt a bit better then.

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