Fainted/Had a Seizure while High

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  1. This happened to me the doctor said I simply was dehydrated and that it happens frequently with pot smokers.
  2. Ive had something like this but not that bad

    It was me and a few friends and I hadnt had anything to
    drink that day So we smoked a fat blunt and fogged out the
    car and then about two hours later started smoking again
    My vision started to get white out of no where and I couldnt see
    anything I told my friend I needed a drink and he said hold my
    cigg I told him I couldnt see it and he held it in front of my face
    waving it Then I fell over and passed out for one second and got back
    up then I had four cups of oarnge soda and was fine

    Then a few days ago I was in the car and it started to happen again
    But this time I jus was super calm and kind of held back from it
    Got a drink and my vision went fine again after about 5 minutes

  3. i'm a nurse and i have to comend you on your treatment choice for your friends. =) it's quite possible that dehydration / low blood sugar played a role in what your friends experienced.

    i've never had a 'seizure' or seizure-like experience myself but i have felt 'off' after taking bigger hits than my lungs can handle. i have asthma and if i cough extremely hard after taking a hit, i get a headrush, my vision goes a bit wonky and i feel like i'm out of my body for a few seconds. i think this might have something to do with a lack of oxygen to the brain after the coughing attacks.
  4. This happened to me last night!!!! Me and two other kids ripped a steamroller with some mids in it (I only had 1 or two hits of that stuff lol), then 4 bowls of nug. Normally that isn't THAT much for me, especially between 3 people. My phone vibrates in my pocket so I get up, and run halfway up the basement stairs to get a signal. When I got up them, I started getting really light headed, and I lost my balance, rolled down the stairs (without my knowledge), and passed out/twitched for 10-15 seconds. When I came to, the two kids were just like duuude are you okay? What happened?! Idk, I'm guessing it was just a drop in blood pressure, but that shit was VERY scary.
  5. it happens. it happened to my friend in the middle of first period back in high school. it also happened to me while i was walking to my car, a 10 second walk took like 10 minutes.
  6. it wasnt a seizure then
  7. i dont think youd be normally fine after a "seizure"

    seizure's are no joke.

    • you had a whitey. i get them at work sometimes because i get stoned before work alot. :p:p
  8. Holy shit that's crazy the EXACT same thing just happened to me on Tuesday. It was sooo insane and terrifying. I don't really think it's cause of the bud though because i hadn't eaten or drank anything all day so I was really dehydrated and I'm getting over a sinus sinus infection.
  9. so doc, i was just sitting back ripping my 3 foot bong like i do everyday and i start having these seizures.....how do you think i can stop these from happening?
  10. Sounds like this was brought on by a lack of oxygen, did you forget to breathe?:p
  11. You were probably dehydrated as fuck and needed some water for your cotton mouth.

    I've had this happen to this "friend"/kid I know, I wasn't there for the occurance but we all had plenty of laughs at the kid for that.
  12. As I went and read the 2nd page. Let me tell you this, you did not have a seizure.
  13. This happens to me all the time. Almost every time I smoke I start feeling sick so I go lay down to try to chill out. Then all of a sudden me neck slams back and all my muscles start seizing. I have no idea why this happens, but mine are starting to get scary and keep getting worse. Try going to your doctor to see what they have to say.
  14. what is with all these old threads?
  15. I had 2 grand mall seizures. Both times I was getting stoned.

  16. OP is 9 years old..
  17. Seizures everywhere!
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