Fainted/Had a Seizure while High

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  1. I'm posting this mainly to see if anybody has experienced anything like this or knows what happened to me. I would really appareciate some help or some input!

    About a week ago I was with my cousin getting high. We had basically been smoking on and off for a few hours...After our last joint we were sitting in the kitchen and i started to think I might have to throw up. ii figured i was just having a whitey. Then my body felt very weak and disconnected from reality and black spots startedto blur my vision . My cousin says I got extremely pale, my pupils got huge, and my lips turned blue. After about 30 seconds of my vision blacking out it got to the point where i Knew I was losing consciousness.

    I must have lost consciousness for a few seconds or something...because I remember seeing bright flashes of colors that weren't related to anyhing in the room.

    My cousin came over to me and grabbed my hands to help me and i could feel my hands jerking out of control in hers. Then she laid my down across the table and turned the lights down. This seemed to help and I came back to myself pretty quickly. As I started to come back to myself I could feel a pain in my head. I can only explain it as a band wrapped across the top of my head. As it lessened, the better I felt. When I was better, I no longer felt as if I had to puke and I felt absoloutely fine and ate some munchies without getting sick or nething

    Idk if this was something wrong with me or if i was just having some reaction to the weed i've never had before or if i was just fainting bc i've neer fainted before!
    Thanks for reading &sorry it's a bit long!
  2. Wow, I have never heard of that. Did you smoke much more than you usually do? Maybe your body was reacting to the extreme amount of smoke.
  3. It's possible that you had some sort of minor virus in your system that you didn't really notice and when the THC entered your system, the 2 might've 'battled' if you know what I mean with viruses and cures for them. (I believe like 7th grade science I learned that)
  4. same thing happened to my bud. vision thing and all.:smoke:
  5. My bong has done it to 3 guys and 1 girl. All of the people hadn't eaten anything or drank water for over 6 hours and gone through periods of mental or physical stress.

    I saw the exact same symptoms in all of them:
    they would go quiet and zone off into the distance. they would say they feel weird, lips would go pale, pupils would go wonky, and then after swaying back/forth/side-to-side for a while they would faint + have seizures.

    All of the times I grabbed a Campino hard candy, a banana, and a bottle of water and within 15min they were back to normal. I felt like a fucking nurse with that bong lol
  6. omg i'm so relieved
    thanks everyone!
  7. yea i had a couple similar episodes when i hadn't eaten and was probably dehydrated.
  8. I dunno seizures are pretty serious........I'd let your doc know about it the next time you end up seeing one.....
  9. I've passed out, only because I smoked a zip of mexican brick to myself on new years, and i ate a lot o food before i puked and kept puking and couldnt breathe.
  10. Almost the exact same thing happened to me during a concert, which unfortunately ended up in my passing out and falling into a bunch of people. The answer I got when I posted about it was a nictotine rush, which you may have gotten if you smoked a blunt. Apparently weed also lowers your blood pressure which, for some reason, may have made you pass out. It's still unknown to me what the real cause was, but I wouldn't worry too much about it, seeing how others have experienced the same thing.

    I've blacked out even before that incident, luckily just in a bathroom baking it up with my bud. Also I've had plenty of bad trips while watching crazy stuff like Doctor 90210 slicing open someones nose. I felt a disgusting sickness and had to run to the bathroom in case of puke. It didn't happen that time, but shit can happen when high that is none too good.
  11. ive fainted twice..

    after i was done vaping i got up and both times.. i collapsed in my closet where i hide my stuff in..

    Its like you get up and you can tell something is not right, then literally it feels like you just shot through some kind of portal into just black, then you feel your body lose the ability to hold you up.. but you can't control your body.. then you open your eyes and your on the ground saying oww, damn it that hurt!

    I think this happened mainly because of the blood rush to my head and the fact that i got up from sitting so quickly right after vaping quite a bit..

    so yah i bet it happens to a bunch of people. i dont know though.
  12. i would recommend finding a place, maybe even outside, to vape. or, if you have to do it inside, plan on sitting down and just chillaxin' for a while. man - you never know - if you were to hit your head and start bleeding, it could get pretty harsh. but vape one/smoke on bro.
  13. never vaped outside.. might try it actually..

    i could become the next bubble boy??? i mean if i faint... i roll.. right??
  14. not being hydrated enough and smoking a lot will do this.

    this happend to me last night but i didnt lose it i stayed standing although i had terrible knee trembling and the colors poppin at me. fucked up but its kinda fun:)
  15. wow that happens to me all the time, especially when im working out
  16. this happened to my buddies roommate, they came by this party we were at and we smoked a bowl or 2 from his bong. we're in the garage and the roommate just starts going "i cant see man, i cant see" then falls and lands leaning against the garage door, we try to bring him inside to splash some water on his face, etc. and it was like lugging around a lifeless body. so scary, but after we splashed his face with water he was laughing and we were all still high as shit so its just another story i guess,
  17. Something similar happend to me i smoked like a 2g blunt of some dank to myself, way more then I usually do and was super gone i went down stairs to make a sandwich and all of a suden I started feeling very sick, then my ears started ringing,my vision blacked out, and I'm assuming I passed out some way because my dad woke me up on the floor like 10 minutes later wondering wtf just happend to me.
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    dude this happened to me the other night, or i thought it was, i got really hot, sweaty, dizzy pale, thirsty, but i was plenty hydrated and full on the belly :confused
    never passed out, felt like it but i did not, it came with a strong ass panic attack some how

    ive been uber stressed latley and weed is not doing it for me, i think i need a break :(
  19. Ya I think it might be because you were dehydrated, no food in your stomach, got up 2 quick (headrush), mindset, or you smoked 2 much weed, or ur weed was laced. I've blacked out 1 time before, I smoked 6 bowls of dank just me and my buddy, then I got onto my bus, kinda felt like I was drunk, sat down and everything was spinning around me, puked a couple times, people where fucking with me, then I blacked out, and someone woke me up and said its ur stop then I got up slowly and got off and was fine, it was a crazy experience.
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    Yep had the same experience. Was at the DMB concert at Alpine Valley on August 10th of this year, We tailgated all day smoking blunts and drinking beers and grilling. i dont know what happened but i had probably drank about 15 beers and about 3 caribou lou's (151 rum fucked my shit) and smoked about 6 blunts over a 5 hour period. That was all before we went in the concert. Somehow i got about a quarter of some dank in the venue and found a spot to chill and roll some blunts and smoke. about a half hour after getting in i stood up because Dave just went on stage and played their first song. i lit another blunt, took my hits then passed the b, then it got interesting. I started getting very dizzy and could barely stand up kept running into people just trying to stand. All i could hear was a ringing also i think my vision went crazy was because of the crazy light effects they had going. but within about id say 30 seconds of trying to stand up i feel down and just stayed there for what my friend said was 2 minutes but felt like an hour. i got back up, had a banging' headache. I dont know what the fuck happened but in some ways it was kind of fun. but i remember hearing somewhere that alcohol dehydates your system and thats what others were

    It was a mixture of caribou lou/bud light/and some g13 marijuana and quite liberal amounts of them all.

    on the other hand that was by far the best concert. after i got out of my little episode, my friends and i went and spent 45 dollars at the concession stand and then preceeded to lay on the ground in the lawn and go in and out of reality. Fucked up to say the least. Alpine Valley by far the best concert venue i have ever been.

    Sorry about the thread hijack.


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