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  1. Would this be a faint line just waiting until I can apply for jobs.

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  2. from my experience with probation and drug tests for jobs, looks good to me:thumbsup:

    The line would have to be a little more transparent before they would be suspicious.
  3. Lol thanks. With my job you'd think I'd need one. But I got a job offer and it's been like 35 days lol
  4. The shade of the line does not matter. I give drug tests. It's part of my job. As long as there's any shade of red there that's all that matters. How faint the line is does not indicate how clean or dirty a person is. Even someone who has never smoked can pop a line that could be considered faint.
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  5. But my second cousin twice removed and finally remarried back into the families ex's ex girlfriend said a faint line means it's a fail! I think jebadia knows what he's talking about!

  6. lol I just was making sure other people saw it. Lol I just thought I was seeing a faint because I wanted to pass really bad
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  7. So the line can be barley visible to the human eye but as long as the red is visible that’s considered a pass? Hmmm, that’s new to me but then again I’ve been off drug tests for about 5 years so maybe they’re different now?
  8. also that sounds very cut and dry, if your job is doing pre employment drug tests then I could see where such a left or right answer is accepted but when it comes down to the details I still think the visibility of the line matters:confused_2:
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  9. It's always been like that. There's alot of misinformation out there caused by stoner hysteria. I've been giving drug tests for over 20 years and before that I was taking drug tests for years. Whoever told you that information was wrong. Every brand of tests I've ever seen is that way and I've seen alot.

    How to read urine drug test strip | Faint Line on Drug Test
  10. On the test itself it even shows the faint line being a pass.... They haven't switched up any design they've been the same way for many many years. If there is two red lines it's a pass no matter how faint. What do you think they would do? Deny employment for PASSING a drug test that wouldn't look good.
  11. Hey man, you’re the professional. I’ll take your word for it
  12. Even back in my younger days when I caused a bit of trouble it was like that. I'm 52 been taking drug tests since I was a teenager, fortunetly now I just give them. I've been on probation and parole more then I would like to remember. Even their drug tests were a pass with a faint line of any shade of red. I've personally taken tests where I knew I was clean having not smoked in months or even over a year and the line wasn't solid red
  13. Thank you guys I go for an interview Thursday I'll give an update.
  14. Good luck man. Lots of things can influence a test if you are bordering on clean/dirty. 1st pee of the day will the most concentrated with detectable metabolites. Most dip strip or cup tests will indicate a positive if you are above 50ngs/ml. As long as you are below that you're golden. Lab tests can be a bit more thourough

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