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Failed Tincture -- Successful Concentrate?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420poptart, Nov 4, 2014.

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    I cant seem to find an answer to this question anywhere so sorry if repost. I've been smoking forever but just started making stuff with bud because why not.
    Ok so last week I made some tincture using Everclear. I first decarboxylated it at 200F for 1 hour and then let it sit in the Everclear in a taped up mason jar for a week. Week was up, so i strained the plant matter out and then let it sit in the oven at 200F again to let some of the ethanol boil off because dat shit nasty. This was a fairly successful tincture, but i find I'd rather dab or smoke because i mean who wouldnt
    My question is:
    Can I take this tincture and leave it in the oven for awhile longer @ 200F and allow all the ethanol to boil off, and use the product to dab? 
    I'm fairly confident this will work but I was wondering if anyone has found themselves in a similar situation.
    your gal 420poptart

  2. Yep but usually lower temps are used, not that that matters now, but for future oil making endeavors.

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  3. It's going to be a very dark sticky oil more like an rick Simpson oil but yes you can.

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