Failed my first drug test story.

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  1. Hey all. I had an interview for a job and I got a call back to attend the ortientation. I thought "great I got the job." When I got there, they had everyone line up in front of the bathroom for a drug test.
    I was unprepared. I thought there wouldn't be a drug test. If i knew then i would of bought some synthetic urine. All I could do was take it and hope for the best.
    Failed. I feel lower then dirt. I fucked up a chance at getting my first job. I really am depressed.

  2. There will be WAY more chances for a solid job man don't let it get to you. :cool:
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    I was really counting on this job. I don't get interviews everyday in this economy. Too bad I don't have the guts to drive into a river.
  4. jesus bro, your trippin... smoke a bowl :smoke:
  5. Naw man its different
  6. It must be shit to live in a country that drug tests job applicants. I've never once been drug tested, either before or during a job, in the 4 jobs I've had in the UK and Spain. In my last job it was written into our contract that they could test us, but they didn't actually do it once in the 4 years I was there. I think they knew that they'd lose a lot of good members of staff.

    Good luck with the job search.
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    It is shit man. There super easy to pass simply by using a friends pee. its just that it was a complete surprise. Usually they make a special appointment for the test.. they just had us line up at the arcades bathroom and piss. Ugh
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    You got outsmarted. Next time whenever a job calls you in before you're technically hired, have fake piss on you or be clean. Even if you don't think there will be a test.

    If it's your first job, then you're probably young and not a big deal. Chalk it up for experience and keep applying.
  9. What do you mean different? How is it different?
  10. live and learn

    happened for a reason

  11. Don't get down on yourself man. That's the worst thing you can do.

    There will be plenty of chances to get a good job. If you are just looking for a job to get you by for a while, you'll find something where they don't drug test soon enough.

    When you are ready to look for a serious job though, you will strongly need to consider a t break while you are searching and until you are hired.
  12. Im trying but I can't help thinking I caused this from my own direct actions. Its so damn hard to just get a summer job. My state has the highest unemployment rate. I was really looking forward to having a summer job and eventually buying my first car .... shit. I hate being unestablished.
  13. If it bothers you that much, stop smoking until you get a job. Whining doesn't do anything ...
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    Believe me man I am.

    Just expressing myself.

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