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Failed last 2 UAs. Been clean for about 35. Am I good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iStayBlazing, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Hey what's up guys. Was just hoping for a little reassurance. I failed my last 2 UAs. Both reading medium levels. Haven't smoked in about 35 days, and sweat a decent amount at work. Think I'll be good? I got some detox drinks at the house, but tbh I used detox drinks the last 2 times I went and failed anyway.
  2. You should be good to go
    Good luck
  3. How long ago did you fail the 2nd test? How long had you been clean before you failed?
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  4. By a test kit at the drug store, mate, and find out for sure.
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  5. Failed the second test about 35 days ago. And they dont got any at the stores around here. Heading there now fellas, wish me luck!
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  6. Wait scratch that, failed the second one about 28 days ago, clean a week before that
  7. They got me doing a mouth scan right now, think they'll give me a UA too?
  8. Don’t know
    Too late to worry
  9. Mouth swab came back inconclusive, failed the UA still
  10. That’s bullshit
  11. Yeah that's what I said. One dude said it was faint the other chick said she didnt see a line. So it's a fail
  12. She gave me another three weeks to get clean. She said if it's even close to being dirty I'm going to jail
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  13. So it’s not job related.
    Stop smoking.

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