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  1. so i tried the wet paper towel method to germinate 2 seeds i got from nirvana.

    3 paper towels, seeds, then one towel on top. i had it wet, not too dry nor swimming in water. i then sealed this inside a big sandwich bag and placed it in a metal light proof tin. i set this tin ontop of my house boiler. the temperature within the box was mildly warm.

    after 2 weeks, checking them every few days nothing happened. i left them for another week and still nothing. so my question is what did i do wrong? and would you recommend an alternative method?

    btw i have another 8 seeds, so i can try again. any feedback would be greatly appreciated :smoke:
  2. too warm maybe? idk...everything sounds good. all of my Nirvana NL have popped within a day or two with the paper towel method but no heat.
  3. why don't you try an elec prop?
  4. I dunno if the house boiler is to hot that might of killed them. Even though there in seed form there still alive.

    Some seeds never germinate. I placed mine in a paper towels soaked, put it in a airtight plastic container then placed on top of a towel on a heating pad set on low. They germinated.
  5. It may have gotten too warm? I would set near the house boiler but not on top of it next time. Also you don't want an air tight seal, you actually want some air to be able to move in and out, while still maintaining a decent humidity, i usually take a plastic tupperware and place on of equal size facing the opposite direction on top of it. Also having it in complete darkness is a misconception, A seed is only going to germinate if it thinks that the conditions are ideal, and if there is complete darkness then it may trick the seed into thinking that it will no get any sun light if is sprouts, so you actually want the seed to get a little bit of light, but not direct light. Also something that will help is if you get some rooting hormone and take a plastic bag and put a little bit of the rooting hormone in the bag and then roll the seed around in it than put it in the paper towel you should have a sprouted plant within a week.

    hope this helps. good luck.
  6. so i retried germination. here's what i did:

    took the two seeds that did nothing and 3 new seeds and scraped them with the matchbox/sandpaper method.

    i keep the paper towel method the same, but the heat is higher now. its below my laptop. nice a warm.

    already one seed has germined after 24 hours. it is one of the new seeds. i'll update after a few days once more have germinated.

    how long should the white root be before you plant?
  7. plant as soon as you see it poke out!

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