Failed factory piss test. can i try again?

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I am in dire need of more cash, and this minimum wage mcjob shit just ain't cutting it. There's this factory here in town called Hydro-Gear that I want to apply. 2 years ago, I tried, but I failed the piss test for cannabis.

    I'm getting clean right now, haven't smoked in like 2 weeks, so far. Not that I could find any bud if I wanted. Since, I failed that piss test 2 years ago, does that make me ineligible to try again? Does anyone know if they would give 2nd chances?
  2. chances are, they wont even remember you, and i dont see why they wouldnt give u a 2nd chance, its not like you came back a month later like "ok i've changed i dont do drugs". its been 2 years so u could have "matured" alot and quit smoking bud, so i'd say go for it
  3. Righteous. The thing is, I'm pretty sure they keep everyone on file... but I think for only a year? I could be wrong, because they just might be the type to keep a file on everyone who's ever applied. On the app, it has a question regarding whether I've applied before.

    Like I said, though, it could only be on file for like a year. Do you think I should lie and say I've never applied, or be truthful and say I failed a piss 2 years before. Just not sure, because it would suck to get caught in that lie.
  4. Testing for a hydro shop...?
  5. No. It's a factory that makes transmissions and auto-parts.

  6. I say be truthful about applying, but don't tell them about the failed test unless they ask, but i'd say tell them but like was said about how you matured and that you're clean now, you might have to worry about more drug tests down the line tho if they do hire you.

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