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Failed drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joe250, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Well I came home from school and my dad was all serious and took me to known to take a drug test on the spot. I knew I was dirty so I drank a few cups and my dad made me stop but I continued to drink water while at the clinic. I took the test and passed for majuana but failed for "white gurl". My dad searched my room and took over $400 worth of drugs. It really pissed me off because Im not an addict to "white gurl". I just happened to have done some the night before. SHit happens. Just wanted to share this. BTW I have most my shit together. I just graduated high school and I also just completed a summer bridge program (its 5 weeks of college for 2 classes sot its some hard work) and now Im starting more college in the fall. I make my own money and I pay all my bills. Bullshit just bullshit
  2. Enjoy talking to yourself OP?
  3. once your not paying your dad for rent and have your own place you will be paying all of YOUR OWN bills bro. doesnt matter if you are a quantam physics major if your dad doesnt want pot around then he doesnt want pot around, if it means so much to you get your own place and then your dad cant search your room and take your stash.

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