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Failed DOT drug test

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jong1821, May 8, 2018.

  1. I joined to help or stop others from going through what is happening to me. A coworker and I both had drug tests on Friday April 13th 2018. We both used quick fix 6.2, they were different batches and both were verified on the quick fix site. The following Thursday he got a call he got a call from the lab saying that it was invalid. I got the same call Friday. We both tried ultimate gold. His test was Friday 4/21 mine was Monday 4/24. He was 36 hours clean, I was 5 days clean. We followed the directions exactly. Both came back positive for marijuana. Both of our 2nd tests were supervised. We talked to the tech and he said the lab got a new machine that is a lot better than the old one and that this is happening to tons of people right now.

    Now I have to go to education and give clean samples 3 weeks in a row. Is there anyone else here in the same boat we Are? If so, will future randoms be supervised for us?

    Hopefully this helps someone out there.
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  2. How supervised?
  3. Drop pants to my knees, lift shirt above belly button, spin 2X then they watched me piss directly into the cup.

    EDIT: drop pants and underwear.
  4. Dang. Yeah, that is really supervised.

    You need to sub a syntetic but thats a tough one. My only thought for you would be, is to attach the small pee bag to your bicep (while wearing a long sleeve shirt). Have the other end coiled up in your sleeve. Mention to the guy that this whole procedure is freaking you out and you cant seem to get started. Maybe since he saw you spin twice basically naked, he back up a little and give you a tad more privacy. While havng your hands together holding your junk, pull the tip of the tiny hose (think IV bag hose) with one hand and hold by your penis. Fill cup. It sounds crazy but if you practiced that 50 times at home, I’d bet you could get pretty good. He’d have to be literally staring at your pee hole to see its now flowing from there.

    I mean if its for your job, so its worth the effort. I have a routine i have to be prepared to do aslo for randoms. It is what it is. Sub solutions have products that heat up instantly. Good luck.
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  5. Im staying clean till this process is over. I saved the bottle from the quick fix with the temp guage on it. Going to freeze a bunch of mine once its out of my system. The only reason the 2nd test was supervised is because the sample came back invalid.
  6. Just pull an oil change

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  7. I lost a job over the urine test i was fkn gutted that morning id used a £50 flush drink.
    I dunno how but last month i passed a mouth swab test (not urine) and id only kept off 36 hours i was shocked as.
    The test must have been old cos i know i had weed in my system (i didnt use a flush drink)and i get prescribed diazepam and neither showed up on the test.
    I should just give it up working on the crane's or im gonna get sacked.
  8. What i'm getting from all this is that you failed a urine and your NOT being fired... and your bummed because you have to get clean for a little while??? ALL the places i ever worked at would have shit-canned your ass by phone and had your password/timecard/whatever deactivated before you even came in the next day. Just go through the motions say how you were addicted and too ashamed and embarrassed to admit it bla bla bla until you aren't getting tested anymore.

    Help me out here because the way i see this you still won...
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  9. The post was to let others know the synthetic doesn't work at the lab anymore and to see if anyone else is in the same boat or went through the process. The only reason I have a job is because the owner of the company owns multiple companies. Once you fail a DOT random you have to go through the process to work at any DOT safety sensitive job.
  10. What state was your DOT test in?
  11. New York (Buffalo)
  12. Where did you buy the quick fix 6.2?
    Because if it was bought on Ebay or Amazon it may have been counterfit. If it was bought for a cheap price it was probably counterfit.

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  13. Also what was the batch number?

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  14. I got mine at head space in Hamburg NY, my coworker got his at a head shop in Angola NY. I will look for the piece of paper with the batch number. Both said they were good on their site.
  15. Did you report that batch number to quick fix because there may be others out there w/that batch that think it's good. So if you report it they can change the batch to show it's not good on thier web site. It could of been borderline expired or exposed to sunlight.

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