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Failed/Canceled test with Quick Fix Synthetic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OldGreg17, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. So I knew my job was doing random testing I'm a daily vaper. In prep for my test I picked up a 3oz Quick Fix batch number verified good. I take the fake pee into work with me daily, you never know when you'll be up. Well after taking the QF into work for a few months and nothing happening today was the day. HR called me and said you have been chosen meet me in 10 minutes. SHIT SHIT SHIT! The microwave was being used by others..... I grabbed my coffee mug and got hot water. Dunked the QF bottle in left it for a min or so and monitored the temp strip. It needed to cool down I ran it under a cool tap for a sec, got it to settle down around 98-96 and stay there.
    My next hurdle was I wore boxers today how am I going to hide the QF....I used the rubber band and put it around the QF bottle it gave it enough grip to stay under my balls with tight pants on...whew..... check the temp again we're in range. Head down get hit with 2 pages of paper work. Nerves going crazy had the worst hand writing ever. Went in restroom temp was still good 96. Gave the sample to the test she split the samples and said you're good to go. The lab our tests get sent to is Alere. I've seen past results and looks like the panel test and confirmation are below.
    Panel Description: 5DR OPIEX + MDMA & 6AM
    Confirmation Method: GC/MS and/or LC-MS/MS

    Its my first time using any synthetic urine hope it works out....
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  3. Quick update all is well I passed my test thanks to QF!
  4. This is a newly made account to tell my story. [State: Texas/ quest Labs]
    [5'7 150lbs, workout every now and again.]

    First of all I like to thank this thread from calming me down soooooo much over the past week.
    I was offered a job earlier than I expected, and at a higher pay than I thought I would get, so failing wasn't an option.

    I got the call 7/5 to take the test by 7/11.
    Problem is, on 7/1, I went to see Bush (easily one of the best rock bands of all time) and after the show I hit my joint once (so way less of a gram hit, but the stuff is from denver so its really strong for a very light user as myself).
    Ended up using quickfix 6.1 plus, since I was reviewing all products i could find online.
    Temp was checked at 94 degrees in cup for tester.
    Passed the 5 panel Non-DOT

    Note that I had a position I was going to get a month before but was screwed out of it (this ended up being better). For that I took same drug test and passed by not smoking for 3 days ( I didnt smoke for 3-4 months prior), also no dilution method, just second piss of the day.

    Also please use a thermometer to double check temp before you go into the place, it eases your mind.
    Oh and thank god I ended up buying to bottles of quickfix online from 2 different sites. The one I bought from spectrum labs actually leaks from the top so I woulda been fucked......literally peed myself while leaving my house while it was tucked.
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    Can anyone confirm success with quick fix 6.1 at lab corp with a 10 panel chain of custody test?

    I can confirm that qf 6.1 works with a 5 panel DOT at Quest. Me and coworkers have used it multiple times in the last few months
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  6. I just took a urine screen for a job in Oregon that was sent to a PAML lab in Washington, and I apparently failed it because it's "not human urine". I've used quickfix 6.1 with urea before for a drug screen in Idaho, and it passed no problem. I heard that certain labs in a few of the legal states have the ability to detect synthetic urine now.
  7. Followed all the instructions, had to heat up using hot water because I'm the only person on earth without a microwave. Heated to 104.7 so I let it cool down to 98.7. Rubber banded heat pack to it and tucked in my underwear for the half hour drive to the lab. Found a hidden place in the parking lot and checked temp again with a digital thermometer, registered 97.5. Took off heat pack and retucked the bottle in my underwear. Had about a 15 min wait in the LabCorp location. Test was unobserved, made sure to shake the shit out of the bottle and poured into cup. Temp reading was 96. Now I have to sweat through the weekend for the results! The split sample is being sent to Fleetscreen Ltd in Ft. Worth TX. Has anyone had experience with that lab? I'm so worried now despite all the good reviews. HELP!
  8. Quick fix 6.1 works. I bought it from my local headshop. Used as directed and made sure to shake bottle before pouring it into the cup. Results came back from the lab for pre employment test and came back perfect!
  9. You're all set with that lab! It will work don't stress over the weekend. I bought mine and used it for a lab test there and came back clean about 2 days later. It's legit. I was skeptical at first and you can only store urine for so long even in the fridge.. And it was 35 dollars at the store. But I grabbed it and knew it was legit when I called the number on the side and talked to somebody from spectrum labs who told me the batch was good until next december. Anyways that was a very good investment because I just nailed it!
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  10. You're good buddy don't fret.
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  11. Was it a 5 panel non DOT test or the federal ones?
  12. I need to be prepared for random tests. I've been using a heating pad on a bottle of Quick Fix Plus 6.1 in stash undies everyday in case I'm asked for a random. This method is fine and keeps temp BUT, I've seen enough Quick Fix fails that I'm getting kind of paranoid. I saw Sub Solutions online and read it was the most reliable. Can it be reheated everyday like Quick Fix? Is it actually better, why or why not? Thanks so much!!

    EDIT: most of the quick fix fails I see are when it's sent to PAML labs in WA and it's detected as synthetic. When or why would your lab be sent there? Does Sub Solution pass at PAML labs? I've also read that Labcorp bought PAML and they're able to detect it isn't human due to a chemical called "biocide" that prevents that urea from going bad?
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  13. so if it's due to a chemical used to prevent the urea from going bad, then any synthetic urine will have it. Unless it's only like a one time thing one which idk if they make those.. that's weird that only that one lab catches them because I haven't had any issues. But I think it has to do with the company the place you get the test at uses..or maybe its the level of the test, because that would make more sense for them to test for more things and go all out for a high level test due to federal government or military positions. That's all I can think of. I would go with quick fix tho. Because unless the others specifically say that they don't include that chemical than they are no better. I have personal experience with QF, so I know for a fact that it works.
  14. It was a pre-employment screen, it didn't specify if it was 5 panel, but it wasn't federal.
  15. So yours went to Fleetscreen? Thanks, that helps put my mind at ease. I did call Spectrum (who I also ordered it from) and checked the batch and it was good til something 2019. And I made damn sure to shake that bottle!
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  16. I also want to say it's a real joke that if I was on some opioid painkiller that I had a script for I would pass but because I smoke a plant I'm demonized. What a load of bullshit.
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  17. Some companies order to have it tested for synthetics and whatnot. Some are cheaper, but I guess it's all about the lab and company.
  18. That is fucked, but hey it's the government !
  19. Yeah same place which is weird cuz I'm from new england haha but hey I guess they send them wherever
  20. That is my main worry, that they would test for synthetic urine, but since QF has urea and all the other components of urine (and also because you said yours passed) then I think there should be no problem.

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