Failed BB Drug test re-test possible?

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  1. i failed my BB test i told the doctor i called about it i smoked a few months ago and i was told it gets released in fat cells and that id been losing weight. Truth is i took a Vale 5 hour clean pill and it didnt work i did wat it said to do. If i tell the recruiter what i told the doctor do i have a right to a re-test? I want this job really bad and i want to save it or am i screwed?[​IMG][​IMG] Please Help!!!
  2. If you want it as bad as you say you do, it shouldn't be a problem holding off on the smoking before your drug test.
  3. i didnt smoke for 60 hours, drank mad water, took vitamin-b and detox pills, and did the 5 hour clean pill along with drinking water with it, wat more could i do
  4. This is what I don't understand. If you want the job that bad, hold off smoking OR do a trial run of the shit you're banking your future on. Personally, I've done both. However, I quickly learned how to successfully pass a drop. Even with as little as two hrs notice.
  5. It certainly would not hurt to ask for another opportunity to pass the test.

    They well may let you test a second time on the theory that they have an interest in including you in the applicant pool rather than excluding you. Whether or not this theory holds true I can not say.

    As far as a legal right to a re-test; probably not. That is probably at the discretion of the employer. But who knows in your state...maybe.

    Good luck and hang in there.

    I hope you get the job!
  6. care to elaborate on how thats done, and can i request a re-test?
  7. teach me your ways

  8. Palo Azul
  9. This is my states laws on drug testing, correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure it says i have a right to a second test to confirm the first...neone good with legal shit and can confirm it from the following for me please?

    Sec. 31-51t. Drug testing:
    Definitions. For the purposes of sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive:
    • "Employee" means any individual currently employed or formerly employed and currently being rehired by the same employer within twelve months of terminating his employment, and includes any individual in a managerial position;
    • "Employer" means any individual, corporation, partnership or unincorporated association, excluding the state or any political subdivision thereof;
    • "Prospective employee" means any individual applying for employment with an employer, other than an individual who terminated his employment with such employer within twelve months prior to such application.
    Sec. 31-51u. Drug testing: Requirements. \t

    • No employer may determine an employee's eligibility for promotion, additional compensation, transfer, termination, disciplinary or other adverse personnel action solely on the basis of a positive urinalysis drug test result unless (1) the employer has given the employee a urinalysis drug test, utilizing a reliable methodology, which produced a positive result and (2) such positive test result was confirmed by a second urinalysis drug test, which was separate and independent from the initial test, utilizing a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry methodology or a methodology which has been determined by the Commissioner of Public Health to be as reliable or more reliable than the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry methodology.
    • No person performing a urinalysis drug test pursuant to subsection (a) of this section shall report, transmit or disclose any positive test result of any test performed in accordance with subdivision (1) of subsection (a) of this section unless such test result has been confirmed in accordance with subdivision (2) of said subsection (a).
    Sec. 31-51v. Drug testing: Prospective employees. No employer may require a prospective employee to submit to a urinalysis drug test as part of the application procedure for employment with such employer unless (1) the prospective employee is informed in writing at the time of application of the employer's intent to conduct such a drug test, (2) such test is conducted in accordance with the requirements of subdivisions (1) and (2) of subsection (a) of section 31-51u and (3) the prospective employee is given a copy of any positive urinalysis drug test result. The results of any such test shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed by the employer or its employees to any person other than any such employee to whom such disclosure is necessary.
    Sec. 31-51w. Drug testing: Observation prohibited. Privacy of results. \t\t

    • No employer or employer representative, agent or designee engaged in a urinalysis drug testing program shall directly observe an employee or prospective employee in the process of producing the urine specimen.
    • Any results of urinalysis drug tests conducted by or on behalf of an employer shall be maintained along with other employee medical records and shall be subject to the privacy protections provided for in sections 31-128a to 31-128h, inclusive. Such results shall be inadmissible in any criminal proceeding.
    Sec. 31-51x. Drug testing: Reasonable suspicion required. Random tests. \t\t\t

    1. (a) No employer may require an employee to submit to a urinalysis drug test unless the employer has reasonable suspicion that the employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol which adversely affects or could adversely affect such employee's job performance. The Labor Commissioner shall adopt regulations in accordance with chapter 54 to specify circumstances which shall be presumed to give rise to an employer having such a reasonable suspicion, provided nothing in such regulations shall preclude an employer from citing other circumstances as giving rise to such a reasonable suspicion. \t\t\t\t
      (b) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, an employer may require an employee to submit to a urinalysis drug test on a random basis if (1) such test is authorized under federal law, (2) the employee serves in an occupation which has been designated as a high-risk or safety-sensitive occupation pursuant to regulations adopted by the Labor Commissioner pursuant to chapter 54, or (3) the urinalysis is conducted as part of an employee assistance program sponsored or authorized by the employer in which the employee voluntarily participates.
    Sec. 31-51y. Drug testing: Medical screenings, regulation of employees and testing of gaming participants permitted.

    • Nothing in sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive, shall prevent an employer from conducting medical screenings, with the express written consent of the employees, to monitor exposure to toxic or other unhealthy substances in the workplace or in the performance of their job responsibilities. Any such screenings or tests shall be limited to the specific substances expressly identified in the employee consent form.
    • Nothing in sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive, shall restrict an employer's ability to prohibit the use of intoxicating substances during work hours or restrict an employer's ability to discipline an employee for being under the influence of intoxicating substances during work hours.
    • Nothing in sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive, shall restrict or prevent a urinalysis drug test program conducted under the supervision of the Division of Special Revenue within the Department of Revenue Services relative to jai alai players, jai alai court judges, jockeys, harness drivers or stewards participating in activities upon which pari-mutuel wagering is authorized under chapter 226
    Sec. 31-51z. Drug testing: Enforcement. Damages. \t\t\t\t\t

    • Any aggrieved person may \t\t\t\t\t\tenforce the provisions of sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, \t\t\t\t\t\tinclusive, by means of a civil action. Any employer, \t\t\t\t\t\tlaboratory or medical facility that violates any \t\t\t\t\t\tprovision of sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive, or \t\t\t\t\t\twho aids in the violation of any provision of said \t\t\t\t\t\tsections shall be liable to the person aggrieved for \t\t\t\t\t\tspecial and general damages, together with attorney's \t\t\t\t\t\tfees and costs.
    • Any employer, laboratory or medical facility that commits, or proposes to commit, an act in violation of any provision of sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive, may be enjoined there from by any court of competent jurisdiction. An action for injunctive relief under this subsection may be brought by any aggrieved person, by the Attorney General or by any person or entity which will fairly and adequately represent the interests of the protected class.
    Sec. 31-51aa. Drug testing: Effect of collective bargaining agreement. No provision of any collective bargaining agreement may contravene or supersede any provision of sections 31-51t to 31-51aa, inclusive, so as to infringe the privacy rights of any employee.
  10. This statute appears to require two separate tests before an employer can take any adverse actions to an employee after the employee is hired. It does not speak to pre-employment rights. This statute section, as informative as it is, does not apply to your non-employee status.


  11. Actually i read it more closley, if you look at prospective employees under 31-51v, it says it must be in compliance with # 1 & 2 under section A "the first bullet" under 31-51u, aka #2 says a second test must be done to confirm the first.
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    I hate reading shit like that, it makes my brain hurt.

    Fuck fancy writing, or my english ignorance. Why can't laws be written out so everyone can understand?
  13. [quote name='"apapier12"']
    teach me your ways[/quote]

    In order to give exact I would have to know each person and their body weight, mj amount, frequency, percent of body fat. So, in order to avoid malpractice lawsuits, I will give a basic example. 130 lb female, smokes causally (weekends) to small amounts daily.... Has small percentage of body fat. (24%)

    Take one 40mg of Lasix, drink only water. If urine is not completely clear in an hour, take another 20 mg of Lasix. Continue to drink Water until test. URINATE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!! Do NOT try to hold it for the test! This drug is a diuretic. The reason it works is because (in layman terms) your kidneys are getting the waste out of your body at an exceptionally FAST rate. The water gives the body something to excrete. The body eventually and quickly has no time to pick up some waste products because you are going pee so often. Now, once the test is over, rehydration with electrolytes are necessary (Gatorade, pedialyte).

    Disclaimer- I am only sharing an experience, not recommending others to take any medications, especially those not prescribed for them.
  14. fuck drug test all 2gether

  15. heres a tip bud, STOP SMOKING. Take a break so that you know you would pass your drug test. its weed not crack man, get your priorties in check. Is weed more important than your future?
  16. im thinking i should go with synthetic piss aka the wizzinator
  17. [quote name='"gobble wobble"']

    heres a tip bud, STOP SMOKING. Take a break so that you know you would pass your drug test. its weed not crack man, get your priorties in check. Is weed more important than your future?[/quote]

    Completely agree. I only used my "recipe" when I was getting chemo. It works well though.
  18. Dude you should have studied harder.

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