Failed a Pre Employment Test for Walgreens

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  1. Hey guys, 
    Im extremely new to this site and I was just wondering if you guys could answer a question for me or direct me to somewhere that I can get this answered. I took my pre employment for Walgreens (44 days clean). (Stupidly and way too confidently I have to add) I didnt try to sub or even dilute my system in anyway. I just assumed that I'd be okay since it was over a month. Welp, I got the call today (48 days) that I failed and lost out on a great job. My question is this, If you fail a drug test (specifically but not limited to Walgreens) can you take it again sometime? Or are you banned from employment there? any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. i highly doubt they'd consider your application again
    better luck elsewhere
  3. It'll be in the disclosure you signed about penalty periods.
    Thank you for the luck. I'd be too embarrassed to apply to that one again. However, there are a few other ones located in my town. Just wondering if it hurt my chances for those as well. 
    Thank you. Ill try to find that part. 
  6. with all the information and things you can take,etc... nobody should fail a test - 
     seems kinda silly to me to take that chance after just 44 days ... why not back it up with synthetic urine or something...
  7. It was extremely silly. I was overconfident. (didnt even try to dilute!!) I didnt want to take the risks of cheating in anyway especially when I really thought I'd pass. [SIZE=13.63636302948px]I've had friends and such pass these tests after only 3 weeks! (lucky bastards) [/SIZE]Looking it up now though and seeing stories of people testing positive close to 90 days after the fact, puts things in perspective.  Ive been applying to places since that month mark.... I never thought I'd get a job offer that soon. I was excited (more money an hour than I'm used to) and didn't really think. Besides all that, I only had 24 hours after 'getting' the job to take the test so I rushed to do it. Completely ended up falling on my face though. 
  8. Well I just passed one and I was clean for 10 days so I don't know what to tell u homie
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    Maybe it was a false positive. I'd demand a retest. Well- not demand but say I needed a retest!

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  10. tell them that you won't accept a test result unless the damn management is all huddled in the bathroom with you to view you taking the test. For all you know the guy giving the test could have tainted it
  11. that sounds strange. Yes i have also hearrd of people testing positive after 90 days, but personally dont know anyone that had to wait even close to that long before they started testing negative.

    44 days, for most heavy tokers, should easily be enough time to test in the clear. Maybe it was a false positive.
  12. Someone else in this thread said it, but they will put you on a probationary period..meaning you can't apply for a job at walgreens for 6 months or something like that.
  13. it all depends on the individual...
     i could stand next to 10 blades after we all toked it up and chances are really good none of the time frames would be the same
     there are so many factors to it....
  14. I know people that have gone 6+ months drug free and still failed. Walgreens isn't a "great job" by any stretch so don't feel bad
  15. Just get a detox drink and drink it before the test next time. I've done this for 3 jobs in the past. I don't know why a Walgreens test would be any different???
    How overweight aka FAT are you? THC attaches to lipids and I wonder if fat people retain THC longer.
  17. Just act confused and offended when they tell you that you failed, just be appalled at the thought of you being on drugs and tell em it had to be a mistake and all that...

    Most jobs will give you a 2nd test if you're adamant about it being wrong...if not fuck it and move on wiser
  18. You didnt really miss much. Walgreens is notorious for tomfuckery.

     #1-  They'll give you good hours at first, then cut you down to 30 hours a week
    #2-  Dont ever let them find out if you're an atheist.  Immediately turn your facebook profile to friends only.
    #3-  They're infamous for denying women emergency contraceptives.

    Well to be fair, it's not the store's fault itself, but the shitty managers they always seem to have.

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