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Failed A Drug test for Meth?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by nubcake, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Well yesterday much to my dismay my dad busted out a urine drug test, of course i was dirty for thc. But after a few minutes on the counter the test showed i was positive for amphetamine very slightly, Methamphetamine very heavily, and benzodiazepine came up slightly from some xanax i took a week ago.

    I dont do meth, he wont believe me though. I had takin some ephidrine about an hour before the test. I told him that and he said that doesnt effect it. Im going to the doctor today to get my blood tested. Im just freaked the fucked out, anyone have any experience with a false positive for meth?

    p.s I know my bud wasnt laced and i dont do xtc or percription amphetamines ever
  2. Ephedrine can definitely cause false positives for amphetamines, your dad is wrong.
  3. look just do another shitty test for him
  4. ephedra will test positive for meth, as can sudafed. research and show him the results. it is a well known interaction!
  5. Lots of false positives in whiz quizzes. Eat a poppyseed muffin come back as an opium user.

    Just fight it and try to figure out what medicine you took that false positive for meth.

  6. I compiled a list of links and showed it to him, he knew it was a precurser to meth and other amphetamines already but i convinced him enough to take me to the doctor for a piss test. I took it today, only 1 day after my first at home test.

    I was poorly hydrated but i managed to go mid stream and dilute it with tap water, hopefully that will hide the benzos as the level was small on the at home test, and i assume that the doctors test will not come back positive for amphetamines or meth but i honestly dont know.

    I found out that the ephidrine based diet pills ive been taking acctualy contain norephedrine wich is a much better precursor to use than ephidrine or sudaphedrine.
  7. I've taken hydrocodone the day of/before a drug test on more than one occasion and I've never tested positive for opiates.
  8. Id just tell my dad to fuck off if he tried to drug test me at 18 or older. Inless you gotta to live there or some shit

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