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Failed a drug test at Krogers, but!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by djh1100, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. So I failed, they gave me choice to have a copy of the results for all the tests and background check and all that. I got it back today, and I tested positive for you guessed it, pot. Funny part I don't get is I'm not fired. According to the paper they have had the results for a week. My boss hasn't said a thing and I'm scheduled to work the next couple weeks. Anyone have something similar happen? Or anyone know why I'm not fired. (Also all my other stuff was totally clean. No criminal stuff also.)
  2. Thats actually somewhat of a coincidence I happen to work for a company owned by Kroger, my store (pretty large west coast chain) is supposed to be throwing out our drug policy in terms of the hiring process, since it's legal they figure it doesn't matter as long as we aren't hi when we go to work. Now this is JUST the stores in MY state because Oregon only just legalized it.
    I can't speak for Kroger since they don't have total control over all our store policies, and I don't know what state your in but if Cannabis is legal for Recreational use or it will be soon that could be why.
    Just my thoughts tho, hey man you could always transfer and move to Oregon :p
    Hope things work out well tho brojah
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  3. it's a grocery store... they'd probably have to fire a majority of their staff for testing positive for pot.

    it's company policy to drug test, but it doesn't mean that store managers will follow it. in my experience most people don't care what you do in your free time as long as you are a good employee.
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  4. Thanks for the input, I'm in michigan and it's on the ballet to be legalized recreationally this year. Medical is legal out here though. I'm pretty sure they just don't care as long as your not coming to work stoned. I was just really shocked, I mean they clearly know I do smoke at the least.
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  5. Also if they wanted me fired, why keep working me? I'm scheduled for the next few weeks. They have had the results for over a week. It says so on the paperwork I got, I just got it because well, mail is slow.
  6. In most states, if you can convince a doctor to write a prescription for it, then they really can't fire you for it regardless of policy because I think it would fall under ADA laws. As long as you are not working in a gov office or employee. Though I think it will all change soon. Testing pisses me off in general. We are humans, not slaves.
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  7. True dat. But also I'm bagging fucking grocerys? I could be blazing out my mind and still do the job effectively and communicate. It's not rocket science. I'm just glad I wasn't fired.
  8. Oh yea if your in Michigan you should be fine bro, I actually did some reading about that ballot.
    It was supposed to be put into effect few months ago but the court refused the ballot because the votes/signatures weren't properly notarized.
    Now the guy who notarizes votes for the court had to notarize like 8,500ish fucking votes, thats a shit load of signatures, would take days to do.
    But thats what he did, sat there 24/7 and signed them all, and he got a hand cramp which messed up his signatures, so the court refused them.
    (Just what I read in a small article idk how accurate it was.)
  9. That's absolutely false. ADA does NOT cover federally illegal drugs since it is a FEDERAL law. I get what you are saying and it may play out later but I doubt any job will be required to not fire people until pot is federally legal and that is decades away at best. I've never seen anyone that is disabled and pot completely solves that disability so yet another hole in your "theory". ADA is good for people with DISABILITIES and not a catch all to save your job just because you want to ignore your employer's terms of employment.
  10. It's weed most employers don't give a fuck. They are worried about serious shit.

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  11. What you may already realize is the big grocery game, supermarkets, is a highly demanding job. Stores are almost always understaffed and understocked with more customers than can be serviced for any one rush hour to throw your way on a Sunday. I've worked grocery retail as my main job throughout my working career and employees are the most expendable resource a company can go through. As long as you are productive on the job and keeping safety first, the bosses will probably never complain.

    I used to get high every lunch break in my car and go right back at the cash register with renewed energy to finish out the shift. Then push carts, toke up in the clean fresh outside air and the shift seems to just fly by...

    good times
  12. Me and my bro worked at a famous tire chain busting tires down, mounting them, alignments and shit like that. I was 18ish at the time and both my broski and my self were busted on a random piss test. We both gave zero fucks about it and the job actually sucked. It paid super good for 2 young pot heads for sure but the work was hard and the hours were long.

    So when we got busted the manager called both of us in and asked us to have a seat. We sat down and he promptly told us we failed a drug test. We both said "so?" And the manager was like huh....then gave us a funny look. I was ready to leave and go get high because it gets hell hot in SoCal mid simmer. but before I could he told us to go back to work.

    That was it. Oh yeah, the guy I popped on that piss test with also failed the piss test to get hired and no one did anything. It's why I got a job there even though I don't ink I failed that piss test to get hired, pretty sure I passed it.

    Aside from that one time I got fired 2 times for failing a piss test. They were not so u derstanding and even though I was a young scrub and gave zero fucks, I found out you can be out matched at giving zero fucks. I am so glad I have out grown that stage of my life lol. Caring not for people and yourself to the dark side it leads...
  13. Yea what mistahsparklez said pretty much sums it up.
    My young sister was always trying to justify smoking pot on the job.
    Most companies don't want you under any kind of influence on the job but yeah as long as your not accident prone they may not even care.
    LOL and sparkles that is totally my life right now, I swear retail is going to consume my soul.....

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  14. I'm not going to argue. There is no law that says you have to be fired for failing a drug test. If a doctor prescribes it, and you are not smoking on the job, you have a case.
  15. I think here in ca sombody took their employer to court for firing them after a positve test. They were medically legal. They either lost or it go thrown out. I dont think a script will protect you against company policy.
  16. Yea man it's not about what's legal it's about what you agree to when your hired.
    All that paper work you sign when you get hired somewhere, most companies have you sign a drug policy acknowledgement form.

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  17. I would never work with a company that demanded or enforced drug testing, unless they were working in certain industries, but even then, I've seen far more people make shitty ass choices because of monster drinks and prescription drugs than I have ever seen on pot. Cultural prohibition on cannabis sucks.
  18. Wow, thanks everyone for the feed back, much appreciated. I'm about to spark up a bowl of good good with keif all in it. Here's a kudos to all who posted so far, much love.
  19. Not according to the Colorado Supreme Court. They upheld DISH Network's firing of a truly disabled employee who failed a DS. He was a medical patient in a wheelchair and they didn't care.

    Colorado Supreme Court: Employers can fire for off-duty pot use
  20. I didn't say they'd win, but they do have a case. I don't know the details of the case, but I'm confident that if a "real doctor" wrote a prescription for it, they would have a strong case. I know people who still have been able to collect unemployment as well as keep their employer paid insurance because of a failed DS. An employer is not required to fire you, but since Colorado is an At Will employer state, you can fire anyone without cause and have no responsibility.

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