Fahrenheit 9/11, what do you guys think

Discussion in 'General' started by seekup, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Ironically i watched bowling for columbine tonight (not the 1st time). Moore brings truth to a subject. Most think that bowling for columbine is about gun control, when its not. He is just trying to find out why there are so many deaths by guns in america. In the movie it even says that gun controls not the problem. What Manson says in the movie, thats what its about, FEAR. How we are all in fear, so we consume more. Plain and simple.

    But onto 9/11. I hate bush, he is a fucking idiot. He's the dumbest president ever, and thats a fact. His IQ is like 80 something. 70 is considered mentally challenged. The next president with the lowest IQ on the list is his Dad. Furthermore, he is not only the dumbest president but is also the dirtiest. He cheated his way into office, scammed an entire nation. He also is responsible for ENRON, he new what they were doing and never stopped them. He also broke the law, it says when you become pres. you must sell all of your stocks, him and Chaney(sp) (and i'm sure other cabinet members) never sold there stock. The tax break and the no double tax law bush placed into effect are EXTREMELY UNFAIR. For example, CEO makes 300k a year from his salary witch he is taxed %30. He then make another 3 mil. a year from his divends(sp), which he pays no tax on. so he pays 1/30th of his income in taxes. Now lets say a worker at the company makes 100,000 a year. He taxed %30 like the CEO, but he pays 3/10th of his salary to taxes. Is this fair, the more you make, the less your taxed.....it's not even equal.

    I can't wait to see Moore's movie. I could go on for an eternity talking about how much I hate Bush. This movie will definetely be intresting. I think Moore's next movie should be on the legalization of Marijuana. He makes amazing movies and I think it would help to stop the misconseption of the reefer madness time.

  2. Good point.
  3. The only prob with legalizing mary jane is that the dealers will be pissed cuz they will be sellin it at stores and shit prolly

  4. That's actually a good thing. Get it out of the crime
    syndicates hands. If it's legal, the criminal element is gone.

    That way you won't have to go to some shady character for
    your weed. Just go to your local off license and pick up a

    Plus it'll be way cheaper, even with the taxes.

    I can't wait.
  5. what about when big corporations start gettin into it? they will use radiation to grow weed like they do with tobacco.
  6. welp theres gonna end up bein a new generation of dealers if weed was legalized, haha and they'd be sellin weed to underaged kids cuz i know there'd be an age limit.... so dealers would consist of highschool kids selling it to younger kids haha, which would be kinda funny.
  7. This forum was originally about fahrenhiet 9/11, but then somehow we started talking about legalization, lol :)
  8. I think its great that some1 finaly brings all the truth to the light of which the american public got cencored by the government from!
  9. I'm really looking forward to the film. Can't wait to see it.

    Won't be going on Friday though. My brother's getting
    married that day. Two more days, woohoo.
  10. Bush yes.. Moore? Explain
  11. I enjoy the films, but his views suck my dick.

  12. exactly what i was gonna get... but maybe if its legal like it is in Amsterdam, that'll be neat
  13. I just saw that movie today, and let me tell you. It rocks. Its devastatingly hilarious and it sheds light on a lot of political corruption. I advise all of you to see it.

    Theres even a small clip for you blades involving "the Netherlands."

  14. amen to that brother. I think the modern world really needs people like Moore, who are willing to challenge what is being said and done, rather than staying in line because of patriot acts or whatever it may be. When nations are vulnerable like America is at the moment, it is easy for the government to take advantage of the population, which is what's happening, so i think it's great that people like Moore are challenging the establishment (for want of a better word).

    Does anybody know when it's getting released in Britain? I heard somewhere that it's not :( somebody prove them wrong, please

  15. I really doubt that, this movie has plenty of worldwide appeal. In any case you could probly buy it (or download it) online pretty easily.

  16. that would be tight.

    "The only prob with legalizing mary jane is that the dealers will be pissed cuz they will be sellin it at stores and shit prolly"

    oh boo-hoo

    "what about when big corporations start gettin into it?"

    i think there will be "all-natural" brands. if not, i'd grow.
  17. Someone should seriously suggest that to him if they have the means to. I think that'd be great.
  18. i dunno im going to see it right now ..ill comeback and tell you waht i think ...
  19. I heard they are only showing it in 800 theaters in the country, and I'd believe it since the closest theater to me that is showing it is over an hour drive... :(

    I didn't like bowling for columbine that much, just because it seems he trying to get people to believe him by lieing, giving out guns at a bank, yea right...

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