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Fags Of Facebook

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Stoner, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. As we all know theres all those jackass dicks who post pictures of cancer ridden babies, and say 1 like = 1 prayer, just to get likes, thats fucked up but suddenly ive come across a new scumbag way for likes, " like if you love jesus, ignore if you want to go to hell", like fucking really, if you know anyone who posts/shares those pictures please tell them sir stoner says " fuck you asshole bitch, fight me irl do u even lift?", why do people do that shit just for likes
  2. i feel ya
  3. There's a log-off button on FB ;)
  4. i dont really get it either but fuck it to each their own i guess
  5. Don't take FB seriously or you will wind up getting mad and angry for no reason.
  6. Don't use fb then. I sure as shit never log on anymore.

    If you're one of the "I wanna use it to get in contact with people" kinda guys, you don't have to logon unless you're trying to get in contact with the person, and when you do you don't have to read the news feed.

    8 months of limited logons, and my life has never been better.
  7. this thread is pointless. everyone hates facebook and their users' shenanigans. don't waste your time with it.
  8. I really can't stand when people complain about facebook, yet still continue to use it. If it bothers you that much don't fuckin' log on, do something more productive :laughing:
  9. now to be fair, some people we know and love have facebook accounts and retarded opinions. it would be mean to delete them cus they are otherwise good people, but they just say stupid shit. its sort of a conundrum.
  10. You know what's more annoying??? When people decide to label these annoying social media obsessed people as FAGS...grow the fuck up...

    and go ahead and reply with a witty comment. nothing you say will justify your ignorant, disrespectful use of the word
  11. fb made me so bitter...especially during the presidential campaigns/elections....and all the thirst for likes..AND THOSE COT DAMN PROMOTERS FLOODING MY PAGE WITH CLUB EVENTS AND TERRIBLE MUSIC..i had to deactivate that i really started hating people i was friends wish fb never became more than a college social networking tool
  12. i sorta feel like people on the internet like to argue for the fuck of it. on FB, GC, and any site where you can talk to people. it sort of sucks.
  13. Yeah I deleted my account last year.. and then I realized how it contributed absolutely nothing to my life.. now I have to find something to do with all the time remaining.
  14. dude, come to think of it, using facebook all normal sort of sucks. thats why a while ago i deleted alot of folks and subscribed to a bunch of astronomy pages so i could just hit up FB and trip out on science articles
  15. I know what u mean man. I said the same thing to my friends. It's disgusting to see those kind of pics and then people trying to get likes. Or the heavan or hell one. It's really stupid and I just scroll by. But I stil dont understand why people like them in the first place.

    I even seen a dog beaten up and cut up talking about like if your against animal cruelty. Wtf ???
  16. people just like to feel "righteous" anger. people like to be outraged. thats why they post pictures of stabbed up dogs on fb and put murder and rape stories on the news, just so they can say "at least im not one of those sickos"
  17. Lol yeah like 'kony 2012' and all the causes shit and everyone tries to look like a good person, and when someone dies thousands of people who've met them like once herp derp on their memorial page for attention.
  18. That's the worst man, people being goodie goodies when someone who was bullied dies. Hundreds of people pour their soul out and say nice things about this deceased person. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE ALIVE?

    Pricks. All fucking pricks. :3
  19. Thought facebook was just for spying on hot girls lul.
  20. I learned quick that if you can't do anything about it, don't interfere. Don't give things you can't change attention.

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