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    Sup gc,
    I come here with a topic of discussion. "Fag". Is the word "fag" negative? 
    I think it is, discuss.
    This may tie into "Is being gay wrong" in Pandora. My question though is: "Is using the word negative?" I don't have anything personal against homosexual people. I am indifferent. Therefore my use of the word would not imply any negativity except that I am referring to a homosexual.
    Thx GC. BTW let's please keep this on topic and mature.  :wave:

  2. To most people yes. Even though they say it too and know its slang and has nothing to do with gay people. Same with most other 'bad' words. But yeah.. free speech and all so we arent allowed to say such things

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    I'm hyper anti political correctness so to me no. There's pretty much nothing offensive to me, when it comes to words.
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  4. It's all about intent, but I've never heard someone use the word in a non-derogatory manner.
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  5. Well, unless you're British you're probably going to use that only in a derogatory sense. I just wish people would stop giving a shit about what people say.
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    I could be wrong but I think the term fag has become obsolete in British English.
  7. I'm sure it is :laughing: was making a small joke.
  8. Nah fag for cigarette is still pretty common in the UK
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    The term would be used, say in music.
  10. I think its wrong to use, disrespectful. Its alot worse than common derogatory names like Meat Gauzer, Fudgepacker etc.
    Learn something new every day, lol.
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    Cant tell if trolling or serious.
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    Super serious. I could of went on but just tryin to give an idea cuz theres alot of gay people in my town and you just dont use that word.
  14. How are those words less disrespectful?
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    IMO Fag is like the top dawg, im sure others would agree if they were actually tryin hurt a gay couple w the worst derogitory comments.
  16. I guess maybe the other ones are more 'silly' and fag is more 'direct'.
  17. They're all bad, just sayin I think thats the worst.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcja4WFFzDw&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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  19. Theres a South Park episode that centers on this... to me "fag" is a word that younger people use. if im going to insult someone, i'll use the whole word, "faggot." no confusing that for cigarette slang.
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  20. I use the word quite a bit. But quite a few gays work where I do so... I just try to avoid using it around them haha.
    I don't mean it as a slam to homosexuals at all.
    I swear a lot actually, so to me, its just another word.

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